Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today





Then you have the wrong speakers


i know you love em cd !!!


Doesn’t matter whether I like them (I don’t), you’ll not get them to work properly in your room, end of.

That mega bass you’re hearing is just them reacting with the corner and side walls. Take that away and you get the business as usual no-bass Harbeth sound.

Unless you’re gonna keep playing girl with guitar and purely vocal stuff then I don’t see you keeping these for more than a week. All the electronica and OST’s you like are going to sound shit.


He’s missed the real sweet spot which I think is three metres to the listeners left.


with the door closed

if it isnt locked from the outside


Harbeth are excellent, especially with about 300w


I forgot Linn - never, ever heard one of their systems sound anything other than inexplicably average.

You forgot I actually really like Focal gear :+1:


Have never heard a single component of Linn’s.

Well, ignoring the streamer/amp unit and DSP/multichannel amp. I actually didn’t mind that, but it’s a slightly different beast.*

*Definitely cannot afford it, for that matter.


Oh dear, nurse! Another one for the tests. :blush:


Clearly fucking deaf!


To be fair, some people like Harbeths, I quite like the P3ESR model, but if you like a tune or a beat in music, they are not for you. The bigger they get the less tuneful they get.


Totally agree with you.


I agree with you as well, but not on this particular point.




is that the little one’s? I quite like them


Yes, LS3/5a sized


yes heard them at bristol show last year and rather impressed . there is huge love in japan and some other places for these speakers . i know they have shortfalls but they sound very natural to my ears without stripping the lining of your ears .


Was this little thing -

but it just isn’t up to the job, so, alas no more :frowning:


Any chance of gratuitous top off shots?


Phwoar :stuck_out_tongue: