Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today






Besides being ‘different’ as opposed to being a ‘pair’ the fact that the casework looks like it was done by Stevie Wonder would be enough to put me off


Yep, and no evidence of any earthing, fuses, etc.


New to me, I have a pair of Meridian M3 and have had M2 before, but these M20 are much better than M2, very surprised tbh.

Please note, no blue LEDs, what a fucking relief.


Not over keen on box speakers TBH but I’ve always liked the older Meridian Actives. Never heard the newer ones.


They are a little boxy sounding and have the classic BBC plummy sound of the Kef B110. They are lively enough, something the M2 seemed to lack, adjustable sound balance via switches on the back is useful. The M3s have plugs for this as well.


I like those, very neat looking things, nice in my front room them!


If you want them you can have them. You’ll have to cross my palms with coinage though :sunglasses:



Got back too late to set up and position.
So no proper pics yet!
Can’t even turn it on!


I approve :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha, you did it then, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist!


lovely , look like they fit nicely


I’ve got some fettling and shifting to come. I suspect they aren’t ready to settle yet until I’ve experimented.
From the one song blast last night they sounded great.


Couldn’t you find an Oak pair ?


Yes but they’re mine :wink:


Not for the price I got them!
Compromises have to be made… I’d be paying 1k more to get oak minimum as a trade in. Or three k more to buy new.