Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Townshend Rock II with my rebuilt Mayware Mk4 now with carbon firbre arm tube and London Supergold with pod.


Really - I’d have thought they might need to come forward more. if anything.
The bass is actually very nice where they are - full but tight.


They seem to be adequate.


Nice, I have one of those. The trough makes all arms sound the same, odd and thus I laugh at people who put super expensive arms on them.


Not quite the same but I see what you’re getting at.


Slightly biased here as I have the MF9 floor standers, but they are ace. Heard a pair at Scalford several years ago, and was very impressed.


Think that was the late oldfogey’s MFS - I liked them at Scalford too and have been keen to try a pair ever since.
These are the more recent XLS version - though they look pretty much the same.


Ah, I see now. They have the new tweeter at the front.


Very nice, have they passed the Keith test yet ?


Actually rather liked the original version (not heard the update) - small floorstander sound in a standmount-sized box. Do need quality Watts up 'em in some abundance, but imagine you have that sorted.


The bass is isobarik IIRC. Very nice speakers. The new tweeter Neat use is much better than the previous generation which was a bit forward for my tastes.


Naim statement


:joy: - do work well with Naim tho’…


Yes I had a few neat/naim combos and did enjoy them

Would love to hear them again to see how they would fare against my current system


I like the Naim/Neat combo, but wouldn’t climb over your kit even to get to Polarbear’s silly£££ system (as was) …


Must remember to try and get a quick listen to the new speakers at Bristol this Friday.


Just remembered that I still have a pair of neats in the loft. Must get them fixed


Make soup :grinning:


Isobaric. ‘Isobarik’ is the name of an awful Linn speaker.


@coco Do you remember the guy who came with me to yours last time I visited? He’s just been given a pair of Isobarik DMS in a relative’s will. But he does have £30k plus of Linn/Naim gear.