Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


All Pigs fuelled and ready for takeoff:smile:


Of course you are. Just remember to keep talking the meds love :wink:


The Karan and Zingalis went yesterday but the Gyro is sounding surprisingly good into my little Edifier actives. After having done a bit of homework I’m really glad I went for these. Nice build quality too by the looks of it.


I think your VTA is slightly out.


Optical illusions :smile:


Ooo Karan and Zingalis have appeared in my listening room.
Very nice too.

I know, toeing in required. Tomorrow.


Nice Ercol dresser.:+1:


Furniture nerd alert. :blush:


If we are going all mono…

Final layout of the W8. Simple pull forward When listening to expose them to clear air.


Why do you need those DiddyMan ™ speakers next to the B&W’s ?


Yes all Ercol in that room, quite a good platform for HiFi too, although future planned renovations may result in something more adequate.


you need to tidy up, what is that wire doing hanging from your TT.


They are part of a 5:1 set up with the sub for
Movies through a 5:1 amp connected to tv and PS4. You can see the front three and sub to right on the floor.
Completely discreet to the stereo set up.

Not sure how I could integrate the W8 to Work off two separate amps. The style speaker pack was always the telly and lounge set up only. Just coincidence they now share the same location in the room.


We use one of these

to share front speakers between AV amp (a Marantz something) and my two channel amp. We just make sure the correct amp is selected before we switch anything on. Works well for us.


New speakers have arrived.:shushing_face:

Look much bigger in the flesh than in the photo. Maybe removing the grill cloth will help.:thinking:


Difficult to tell when they are on the floor facing the wall :thinking:


messy but essential: it’s the wire for the LED in the TT shelf which does disco lights :man_dancing: - it can be removed/hidden when in OCD mode


That’s better. No idea how I will ever get the grill cloths back on though.:worried:

Neat Ultimatum XLS.


Are they good?


You’ll probably find you need to push them back a bit to be nearer the wall.

(back up for sale by the end of the week)…