Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I think it actually started when I had the Impulse in here, just the slight difference in sensitivity makes it a lot harder to ignore!


OK, good the speaks are not suspect, and if it’s gone with swapping the power amps, I guess it was the Pass - not much to go wrong with 'em, sure Edd’ll nail it in no time :+1:


More than likely something come loose inside after all the traveling, even if they had an epic terminal failure it would still be easy enough to fix, no esoteric hard to get parts etc.


Surprised at that, Erica had a tear in her eye when they left. She had a tear when they arrived but that was due to a spike in her leg when we carried them in from the car.


It’s good that they are getting enjoyed now even if it is by a Villa fan.:weary:


Lovely! Great colour :+1:


Fiddling about with the setting on the Fino’s and just toeing them out a bit.

This could be quite a lengthy process :roll_eyes:. Sounding nice though.


You should have a bake off, let the fiddling begin :smiley:


Not new, but 10 years+ in a cupboard.

I am a lazy fucker and keep buying CDs and never getting round to ripping them. Louise wanted to listen to them on the Unitiqute in the Kitchen…so a quick rummage around in the cupboard and we have a Sony Diskman

Works fine, sounds ok. And Louise says she now understands why I never throw anything away


I like my unitiqute but I’m at an utter loss why those fucking cockwombles at Naim never included a sleep function. Even the Muso and new uniti atom don’t have it either.


cockwombles don’t sleep - they are nocturnal :+1:


I agree I’d have one in the bedroom as well if it had a sleep function.

At a HiFi show i think the luxury show in London, I asked the Naim salesman why they hadn’t included a sleep timer in the Unitiqute or even the newer models - the arsehole replied with a smirk that "Naim stuff was too good to be relegated to bedroom use as a glorified clock/radio. I just turned round and walked out of their room laughing.


Amazes me how many all-in-one type boxes omit a sleep timer - would make them really useful.


Our Marantz all-in-one has one, and is used in the bedroom. It took a while for me to track fown an all-in-one with sleep timer.


Half of the power supply for my soon-to-be-built headphone amp based on primitive DER triodes dating from the early 1920’s

This is a pre-war Exide lead-acid accumulator which will power the valve filaments. Sadly all of the lead electrodes in all of the accumulators from this date have long since packed up. Reconditioning them is difficult and not generally very effective. And you then have to have acid. So I plan to hide one of these inside (purists will realise that it is still a lead-acid cell).

I might need to tidy the job up a bit too.



make the container double skinned - put your hidden replacement sealed battery inside the inner skin. The fill the outer with liquid so that it looks like it has some acid in it.

If you were being clever you could use Gin as the liquid. The you could amaze your visitors by sticking a straw into your battery and slurp up its gin contents. In fact you could use a premium gin which of course would make the headphone amp sound better


I’m planning to do this. The trick will be to leave as much of the original metalwork in place so as to make it look fairly original, at least at a glance. The new cell is relatively large so I’ve deliberately tracked down a larger-than-usual Exide to give me a bit more room inside. However the presence of acidy old lead might put the mockers on the gin scheme. Then again, acid in your gin was once a thing (still not A Good Thing though).



I just received one of these for that Io Ltd power supply I’m looking at.

Not sure they go as big as 25 Ah at 2V though


Lots of shiny lights
IMG_4230 by mark leatherland, on Flickr

feels like christmas is inside Paradise Phono stage.


How’s it sound
Couldn’t wait to take the lid off I see :grinning: