Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


3000 km in a lorry I had the lid off to check it worked !

Sounds alreet, but I knew that already :+1::sunglasses:


I remember banks of trickle charged lead acid batteries when I first started working, hydrometers and log books everywhere.

The really posh systems had Planté cells and equally posh power supplies.


Blue LEDS would be betterer on the front panel :slight_smile:


There should be more jeopardy in hifi.
Of course there is the daunting task of lifting and shifting with that ‘Aw bollox’ moment when a disk pops and traction beacons. Certainly the stimulation of voltage surging through your system can be life affirming in the same way as escaping an NVA inferno. The everlasting song of Tinnitus is a bell worth ringing too. This new notion of potentially being maimed by acid adds a special pinch of picante and shows a thrillingly deep and committable commitment.


@edd9000 has kindly let me borrow a AT33EV to try on approval for the Pro-Ject (@spacehopper ).


Actually the disk-popping and electrocution can go hand-in-hand. I have many times had electro-acupuncture before the osteopath does his work.

Clunk-click, every trip.


Keep us posted about how they go together Rob - I’ve had the AT’s on my list when the time comes to get a new cart. :+1:


Will do, it’s very early days, only about 2 1/2 sides so far, but it sounds very natural to me. The better stylus on the PTG etc. are very good indeed.


I was thinking about a PTG although I think Chris @vacdac uses an AT33EV and likes it a lot.


I can understand why he likes the EV, it’s sounds very balanced to me. The finer styli dig out a bit more detail but are perhaps a bit demanding of set up and ancillary equipment to give there best.





Other than that, carry on :smirk:


Fank u, I have had the drink…hic…


Get thee to the Etymology thread


Indeed I do Allan, but fer a couple of years there has been a new incumbent here. I do like the EV, but also now have a PTG ii. Both are very fine, with the PTG sounding a tad darker with better detail retrieval. Both are quite even handed/balanced & civilized overall. I have them both on in identical h/shells & although I favour the PTG I could easily live with the EV.


Styli are plural (1 stylus, 2 styli) so styli dig :wink:


^+1 at new prices PTG and OC9 are better, at AA Manager SpecialBuy prices buy on condition and experience.


To try out my active Arc speakers.

Six channels of German black and gold. Rather disappointed it’s not chrome. :scream:


Looks like a nice amp, how does it sound? Perfect for us DSP crossover types!


Don’t know, when I get it at the end of next week I will find out. I thought the same.

I like the volume controls on each channel tbh.


It does look cool, but actually you only need three stereo ones really - easier that way.