Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Are there no valve amps that can do a good job?


VTL :smile:


This will drive the W8s and consumes 30w in standby -


Todd Warnke seems to like it


Should be great. I had the smaller V5-XE. Very nice.



@ichm will be along in a minute to advise on prices :slight_smile:


My suggestions, Perreaux 3150, The Nelson pass 150w amp I sold to @Jim, Krell KSA250, early Jeff Rowland (pre shiny shite),


Does she leave the lights on?






What you need is a Coco-San power amp.

However, due to the kilogram/watt formula he uses, it would weigh an estimated 2.7 tonnes.

(plus the PSU, of course)


Would an Usher R1.5 be enough??

would leave you a couple of grand spare for leccy


Are we allowed to suggest getting speakers that are fit for purpose, or do we need some more stupid amp choices first?


Fella just needs an amp, he doesn’t need to take the roof off his house…


What, like yours? :roll_eyes:


What amps does the company rec or use at shows?


0.09% efficient. Lol.


Pauls @maverick sounded fab on the end of my Dads @Navigator Yamaha PC4002M :slight_smile:


Right. I need an arm!