Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I don’t want class D.
Have to be a or ab.
And plenty of grunt as Sven talks about 1000w being ok!

I can’t have anything huuuuge so that’s about my limiting factor.
Budget 3 to 5k (preferably used in that price range! So double that new?)


Looks about right given the driver compliment and bass response.

Perceived volume is a funny thing. 30w should give about 90db peak at about 10 feet, so it would depend on preferred listening volume and crest factor. I’d spend a lot of time clipping with 30w, I usually aim for 100db peak so 300w amps. The problem is beyond a certain point all you are doing is heating up the voice coils and power compression kicks in :weary:


Alephs while stable in low ohms don’t double down, the 60w delivers about 90w into 4 ohms so power requirements should be based on that.

Threshold (like jims) might be a good bet. Mcintosh maybe.


Pair of these should be okay in your room :slightly_smiling_face:.


The Aleph 1.2 should be good for 300w into 4 ohms. If you can put up with the 1.2kw or heat they produce.


Wells Audio Innomorata has 300w into 4 ohms.


Trying out this RFC SUT in lounge system between Hana SL and Marantz SC6 MM instead of straight into the SC6’s MC input.

Utter confirmation bias going on at the moment as I’m sure it sounds better :smile:

Better get my wife in here just to be sure though - need to find ‘Songs from the Big Chair’ or some Kate Bush!


I think I’d cope with the heat but weep at the leccy bill.

Some AB solid state at 300w plus are more what I’d consider. I can’t justify the cost of running the bigger class A log burners.


It’s 12-15p an hour? Doesn’t exactly break the bank.


What does that mean, in real sizes?



But I suspect it adds up. One review talked about a 40% rise in bills! That’s gonna hurt.

I’m not sure I have room for them either.

In real terms I’m looking for something that will fit on a standard box size shelf width. I can’t site next to speakers.

Because reasons.


It’s not that bad my Aleph 2’s are 100 Watts each so they chew through 600 watts.

I’ve looked through my leccy bill and with around 200x hours usage per month it comes to about £15



Modwright KWI 200

Has such a beefy psu it doubles down from 8 ohms so does

200 watts into 8 ohms
400 watts into 4 ohms
650 watts into 2 ohms

The blurb says 800 watts into 2 ohms but I spoke to Dan and he said the 4 ohm figure is correct but 2 ohm is realistically 650 watts.

Also runs nice and cool and sounds bloody good.


I heard my W8s with a nice Karan amp and it was pretty nice. Should be plenty of stereo power amps normal rack width that will work with them without having to spend any where near your upper end budget.

Besides which once you’ve matched an amp with your speakers you’ll also need to budget for a new preamp, an upgrade on your TT and cart, plus the full Schumann field generator…



(Looks like you just sold the KWI as well)


Let me get this right you are thinking about spending £5,000 on amplifiers and you are worried about the leccy bill.
Something doesn’t add up there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I thought that… and it’s more 3k but a bit of wiggle room if the dream item appears. Not that I’d know it!
but it’s the wife who pays half the bills!

I can stomach a one off payment, but I’d get a monthly grief dose if we ended up with bigger direct debits! She already moans about the pond pump FFS.



There’s one in Germany for sale at £2,600 he may ship and/or take an offer on.

There was another for sale in the UK a while ago for £2,900 but I haven’t seen the ad renewed recently.


I hear you, my better half might not learn how much I spent on the amp, but she’ll sure as hell nag me every month about the higher bills.