Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


But, but

“Rasmussen’s background in fine arts and industrial design gives every Gryphon product a distinctive, luxuriant finish which arises organically out of the audio circuit design and the user interface for a truly unique integration of form and function.”


Cheapest way to buy Gryphon is to pick up a NAD S300. Same as the Tabu in a normally looking case.


Pretentious toss. The Darth Vadar’s spaceship is a much better description.

It doesn’t look like the Abbatoir will have any Gryphon owners any time soon.


Dunno about that, if I saw a Diablo 300 integrated at the right price I wouldn’t be put off.


Gryphon Antileon - Choice Hifi

Tha Antileon impresses immediately with its ability to cruise effortlessly through even the most demanding musical passages regardless of volume level.

Surely the W8’s don’t need such a behemoth to sound their best. Amps like that make me think of those massive speakers (Nola?) with about 20 drivers in em. I’d have thought a nice 211 or 845 amp would be adequate.


Buy the ex demo Grandinote pre and power amp off Jack and then get some easier to drive speakers.

The grandinote stuff in Munich was really good.


Yeah, those Grandinote amps look very interesting.




Maybe not the Antileon, or the Diablo 300, but track back through the thread, this was started by @sap7 looking for a power amp for his pair of W8s. @edd9000 then added that due to the lack of sensitivity (c 82 db) the W8s would need a bigly amount of current to prevent them from clipping ( I’m currently using 30w class A MA-5s).

Doubt it

Nope, I like these, and more importantly so does Hel, we’ve listened to more music together than we have in years - I’m not gonna jeopardise that now! Besides, they are very good regardless of their size.

I’ve tried the Grandinote integrated and it was very good. However the pre and power will cost something like £7-8k when I can get something ‘adequate’ to drive the W8s for about half that. The small-ish form factor would work though in the lounge…


Voltage, only dip to about 4 ohms so most amps would be fine current wise if they double down into 4.


I’d not swap my W8 either.

Perfect size and sound combo.


Hold an amp bake-off? Try what folk bring with your speakers in your room.


Looking at the cost of a plinth and arm I may keep what I have.
None of the suggestions have the ability to easily switch inputs (cable swap or rear toggle).
I think my current power output is enough.

Maybe hold the uograde until I’ve sorted the arm out. Too much choice and they seem to have all shot up in price!


Great idea


Yep, it is a good idea.


And get horns.


Already have horns :love_you_gesture:


Sell them on cheap then.


It is inevitable.


thats a brilliant suggestion , they are superb amps . i loved the proemio pre amp and where it gets the bass from is amazing . glad it was sounding good in munich . heard the silva and that was excellent with heco direkt

4k just for the power amp and you could use a cheaper pre