Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I have my Doge 9 mono Amps 234 wpc (211 tubes) doing nothing if you want to borrow them. Collect. Very heavy. Really heavy.


I think that in most cases I would do what I have done with my JBL L300s, which is to remove the XO and have three (four in the case of the W8s) sets of terminals leading straight to the drivers. You then have several options:

  1. Use the crossovers from inside mounted into a box
  2. Build new external crossovers
  3. Get an active crossover
  4. Get a digital crossover

I note that Boenicke have several crossover options for the W8, which can more than double the price. They think this kind of thing is worthwhile. They have quite an unusual crossover - the bass is open at the top rather than rolled off, and there’s a lot of overlap between drivers. You could easily reproduce this on an active basis, and then tweak to see if you can improve.

Then you can use amps more appropriate for the drivers under question, each with a nice easy load.


The answer is to remove the crossovers. Now what was the question? :rofl:


ah i saw them i think running with my pre amp and they look amazing but as you say mighty heavy !!!


If only we could find someone to design it, wouldn’t these drivers work better on an open baffle?


That’s a very kind offer. I’ll send you a pm.


@SAP7 did you buy the Moon 8 then?


If not you could always buy my Pass Labs Aleph 2’s :wink:


£4000 is a lot of money for that amplifier IMO.


No, SP10 :joy:


The dealer wanted at least four k

Oddly it ended at four k. Maybe it will be back up for sale again soon? Shilling? Who knows.
I offered him less and he said no. Since the SP10 arrives this week my spending money is now accounted for.

Sticking with current ones for now.


Check his sales history. He has sold the same telecaster at least twice, some supertweeters at least 3 times and an AMG turntable at least twice. He wants £5.5K on his website IIRC.

That amp is nice, but is is probably 7 or 8 years old now.


Eh, you’ve only just bought 'em!


In fairness, by his normal standards, he has had them ages


Going to small stand mounts as the Primes are too big for the room, have been kidding myself they are ok in here but I have no space. The alephs are making the room boil as well so an OTO amp with Snell or AN K’s is the plan.

Time is relative, in your earth years I’d be about 900 now.


Scotchland Brian is selling a pair of Ks on a thread on PFM (Small speakers wanted)


They’re probably very very early AN-k for less than £300, I’ve already got 2x sets of Snell K’s so I’ll probably use keep using them and be looking for a nearly new pair.


Lost the plot and spunked 5 pound on my new cd player,oh only live once.




When the light top right comes on do you feel offended or compelled?