Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Very nice :slightly_smiling_face:


My new (to me, via @unclepuncle) speaks. Cheers :beers: Paul



No pics from me as too inept But a big thanks to all the meat men involved in getting my pair to Lopwell and then to Kevins. Picked them up this morning and they’re playing nicely as I write.

Love them - thanks all :+1::ok_hand::+1::ok_hand::+1::ok_hand::+1:


All this joy due to me swapping kit - who’d a thunk it.:laughing:


A big thanks from me too 'toirists.

Thanks to all who helped :slight_smile:


:+1: They’re ridiculously good for the :moneybag: aren’t they ?


Bonkers for the dosh. Probably just gone to the top of the ‘what speakers for less than the cost of a days plumbers holiday’ list :wink:




Little something to play with in the mancave system.


Is that a HAT of some type for a RPi?


MiniDSP Ministreamer.


Just replaced my TotalDac with a Concert Fidelity 40BD DAC reducing the box count from 4 to 1 and it has tubes! But with the new Coco BTP Situbation power amp due circa 2030 my box count will leap to an additional 6


Arrived yesterday courtesy of @Rob998’s meat wagon. Initial impressions are very positive. Much better clarity and depth of image than the Plinius, although the plinius probably shades it in term of pace/attack. Will probably use the Plinius in Class A/B mode until the autumn as there is less heat to deal with:

These used to be in @Jim’s rig and came to me via Chris @thebiglebowski.


Summer amps! :joy:


My builder was in today. He suggested running them in the dining room to help dry out the damp that has crept in from next door’s illegal alterations.

Feckin’ cheek.


Airlink balanced transformer, an attempt to quieten down torrids, will have to wait n see :sunglasses:


I can’t resist a cute olive



As a young boy, seeing her in white brassiere made and impression😜