Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today




It has a nice MM stage.


That is why I’m interested, tbh Bob.


Looks fantastic Bob, which cart?


A nag MP-11 for now. Hana SL soon, via the Hashi SUT.


Meh…it’s a bit ‘woody’ :wink:


Going old school Mullards

1x CV4003
2x CV4004
4x EL84 (1958 square getter)

Think the 4003/4004 are 1981/1985 but langrex who I generally trust said they were 60’s ones.


for which amp?


AN OTO SE Phono sig.


It’s quite worrying that EVERYONE on here will know exactly what that abbreviated description is.

Show that to the man in the street and ask him what he thinks it could possibly be



something to clean the ears perhaps




Why isn’t it PSE?


Bedroom system, swapped turntables, phono stage and the new rack. Also got my original SF Electas back.

Now Technics SL-1200Mk2 with Technics EPC-271CES, Moth phono, Trilogy 990 & 909 and Sonus Faber Electa’s (first version), MQHT Havana DAC, BK sub.

Oh and a shiny gun metal mat from PureSound for the TT, makes all the difference to a Techie.


Bet those speakers are nice…


Come and have a listen, I have two pairs of them now. They are a good match for the Trilogy amps (which are fantastic amps).


If he puts on Barry White, run. Fast. :scream:


Takes Barclay James Harvest for me to get me coat :smiley:


Readers will be surprised that once I bought a brand new pair of Minima Amators - Couldn’t afford Electas.


You’ve got to draw the line somewhere and BJH is nearly as far as it can go