Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Yep, much betterer :+1:


Playing with an old friend arrived yesterday , had one years ago


Ah, the famous Chord Blur.


Possibly , seems slightly bigger soundstage than just using my old rotel 820 bx on its own



I’ve been looking for an MM cart for reasons. Anyway I thought I would give this lightly used Gold Note Vasari Gold a try. With a 2M Black costing near on £500 these days and the Goldnote £200 less it will be interesting to see how it stacks up. Not that I have a Black to compare it too right now.


To match my sofa in the music store room. Been looking for a red chair and stool for a while. Surprisingly comfy.



New stand. The turntable is rather perched at the moment, and a deeper and wider stand makes sense.

The ash cosmic five or six tall shelf may be available as a result.


Le Corbusier?


Ikea ?


The blue is deffo much betterer - Unfortunately my verus rim drive used on my turntable seems to have developed a serious wow and flutter snag - no reply from the manufacturers so far. I am now looking for a record deck or stand alone motor.




His ?


tried the chord in my freya /fb system and compared to the bel canto 3.5vbs dac it softens all the leading edges . slightly like popping a blanket over the speakers . soon popped the bel canto back which has a live sound and much more shimmer and clarity . ah well its nice to play with these things . i guess more modern dacs like the hugo are much better i guess . never tried them though


van der Rohe



Correct, just got back from Lidl.

It is to match this

Both decent copies as the real ones are many '000s.


Just need the pavilion now (awful acoustics though)…image


Planning to build something like that in France or Italy when I fully retire.

The music room would need thick rugs and curtains to damp it down. Been in one like that and it was like a sports hall, all echo.


Let me know when you need an Architect😉
Just designed a house very much in the Mies tradition, unfortunately it will be in Edgbaston, not Monaco.