Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Looks nice though Rob :+1:


It does mate. Thanks for the freebie! :grinning:




Quality album playing also :+1:


I know that album better than anything else I own apart from The Queen Is Dead. I use it as my reference disc.


Try a headshell weight, I’ve got Tabriz ZI and OC9 and find it helps flesh out the bass. The Technics one will do.

That’ll teach us to let vinyl get popular, they used to be £3


Hmm, think I’ve got a little slab of copper that might do that job with a bit of wrangling, before I go spending megabucks on it. :grinning:


Not coming to a bake off near yoy, but

Silly bass speaker I don’t need for over a year, bought in prep for brother’s wedding party.


This dac is made by the nobsound folks - Im trying it to see if it passes muster.
initial thoughts it’s OK - shame that the volume control is for headphones only



If it can drive headphones it’ll drive a power amp.


Is that mono.


Yes, but there’s a stereo one down the page.


I do wish @coco had recommended that


one of these:

I know he’s right, I just need a save a little more.


Yes, apologies. Linked to wrong one.


I have been listening to music to much of today vinyl 7 hours plus streaming 2 hours
Gratuitous phone pic of a cartridge VTA is low at the back very slightly


Get the 2M Blue stylus :+1:


Good advice I hope as I have already procured one but wanted to check out my old stylus first.


It’s MUCH better :+1:


Agreed Blue is much better