Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Don’t we all…


I use the teres set up on my Nottingham Dais,had the same problem turned out to be the o-ring.
Which i tried to replace,but could not get it right. I have now done away with the o-ring and use a belt,and to be honest it still sounds great better then the Notts motor. I do not think Teres are around any more so you might wait a long time for reply.


That lamp, sooner or later is heading towards the record deck, I would move it further away myself.


There’s a lot to be said for blu-tac


Thats good to know thanks - I did try and re-fettle the oring I will perhaps buy a new one and try again before resorting to a belt. The Oring ring I have is ten years old.


Sounds like it is time for a new one then.The ones i brought i got from the UK,do not think they were right.There is a site in the USA where you can buy the correct ones.
That o-ring needs to be spot on for it to work right any high spots and will not work.I brought mine from Trans-fi and he said he had a hell of a job getting it right.


Right well, it looks like I’ll finally get around to ripping the front off the right hand speaker tonight to find out what’s going on with non working midrange, hopefully it won’t be to much of a faff…hahahaha…


Claire said why can’t you have a portable system for the lounge?


Haha, that’s great.


Tell her that you could get a much bigger system in that room.


Valve VTA a bit offski. :wink:


Your systems are always the most unrelentingly ugly systems of everyone here Andy, well done! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Speakers need wheels.


I pride myself on that so thanks


The speakers need a stepper motor system so they can be wheeled out into the right position while you’re seated in the listening position getting the stereo image just so.



That’s just what I need - I have just had to vacate the room - Father Brown is on


fxt, blah


this looks like it is on casters, so can be rolled away



I love old Pioneer stuff, i could do without the rack handles, but that is a thing of beauty.