Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


A lot of the build is exemplary, too. This is the inside of the TX-9100 tuner


What’s in the box?

20th September 1961?

Crisp as this mornings frost.


Taking the Ferrograph S1 to bits with the non working midrange…




Terrible photographs @freefallrob. Did you hire @hifinutt as your media consultant…:grin:


The last photo shows why it doesn’t work…both wires to the voice coil are broken…knackered!


Bloody hell, yeah,I’d got my phone camera in the wrong mode…:man_facepalming:


That lucksfucked


Sure is, can’t see how it could be repaired either.

I’ll be looking for some similar ish midrange units me thinks.



ha ha :grin::grin:


Am in receipt of driver.heavy but poor condition .Solid cast but open to bass backwave(!) basket English made 1973 15 August marked 'd 031 8 ohm. Structure optimises dispersion / coverage.Paper cone with FLAT rubber/ plastic support / moves ok within magnet . Woven multistrand leads to coil appear to have metal fatigue breaks age or possible over driven or and excess excursion . Snap is adjacent to inner cone to spider.Crossover component may have leaked allowing XS bass thro to mid ( (400 hz). Am curious. May solder just to hear ? Replacement needed . New must be flat 400 to 3.5 k /8 ohm and good dispersion. ( oh …and affordable)


If you measure the continuity on the voice coil side of the wire breaks, do you get a reading? It’s highly likely the coil is toast but if it isn’t then this can be repaired fairly easily. It’s not unheard of for the tinsel wires to harden up and fracture with age.


I haven’t had chance to check it yet to be honest, Dad has it while I’m at work, hopefully he’ll get chance to check today and maybe give it ago.


As an aside, yours are quite differently assembled to the ones I had. In mine, all drivers mounted from the front, which made life easier, and the crossover was bigger.

In fact, strike that - your midrange SHOULD be mounted on the front in that nicely rebated cut-out! I think someone’s been fiddling with them…


This particular pair didn’t have the standard production background I believe, @mickbald should be able to fill us in I think.


DAC large as a large power amp returned to system and thought I’d also put the Perreaux into the mix to hear how it compares with Alephs.


The Perreaux is much better than the Alephs which you will have to flog to me for under a grand just to get rid of them.



Unlucky for you… :grinning:


Nice looking DAC.