Shit you just learned (probably from the internet.)

I guess if he’s putting his time and effort into ‘proving’ on the internet that ‘space is fake’ he isn’t out here in reality inflicting violence on himself or other people or shouting at women visiting abortion clinics or small children on their way to school. (Only a silver lining, I realise …)


I spent yesterday meeting back up with the people at my college (my matriculation year and the year either side this time), so a pretty large number of very intelligent people.

This is a pretty good counterbalance to that.

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Another personality disorder who believes in God but says space, dinosaurs, moon landings etc are fake :rofl:


That made me want to drive a railroad spike through my temple. He’s on Rumble, tells me everything I need to know about him


I’ve come to the conclusion that this is due to inappropriate self awareness. In the past the intelligence disadvantaged would be content to hit or move things for minimum wage and take solace in cheap booze at weekends.
The internet however has awakened them to wider possibilities this confuses them and causes resentment that stuff they don’t really understand and were previously unaware of may be true and understood by others.
This has given rise to cunty charlatans who pander to these missing links, touting crystals, religion, flat earth, brexit and unreal space bollocks.

I tell ya, stopping locking these people up in institutions has been a BIG backwards step for civilisation…


1971: Is LONDON Unfit For HUMAN Habitation? | Nat…: 1971: Is LONDON Unfit For HUMAN Habitation? | Nationwide | Science and Nature | BBC Archive - YouTube

Yes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is definitely on the list next time I go to Ireland

Edit; thought it would show the pictures, here is two for you. Fidelity a craft beer bar with tunes in Dublin.


Two pairs of speakers, to be sure, to be sure…


Good find , I’m over there in May.

Today is international Tolkien Reading Day :mage:

If you start reading today, you might be done by the next time it comes round.

LOL, I re-read The Hobbit and LOTR at least once a year and will re-read bits of The Silmarillion often. The rest I’ve either skim read a single time or never touched.
My older sister got me hooked Christmas of 1979. Those books long ago fell to pieces but I still have this little booklet that accompanied them . . .


You mean you don’t seriously study The Shibboleth of Féanor at least twice a month? Lightweight…


I have the edition illustrated by Alan Lee from 1991. I think Peter Jackson was a fan of Lee’s work on the book and got him involved in the films.

Haven’t read LOTR for 30 years. Will pick it up again one day.

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I’ve always liked Tolkien’s own illustrations and paintings . . .


Those are the illustrations I remember from first reading the books.

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I’m literally just finishing the Alan Lee illustrated “The Return of the King”.

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