Shit you just learned (probably from the internet.)

Luckily at O Level the most advanced you got was Rutherford and a slight lean into Einstein:) the teacher is what really matters and ours was fucking ace. He also taught RE, which he said was the development of man’s early fascination with the stars and planets, thus started a two year astronomy course but without the exam. :slight_smile:

Today I learned that there is a thing called ‘waffle stomping’
I think I know what it means but will not google it

Welcome to 2003.

Only recommended for runny emergencies, firm floaters are a nightmare and the plumber WILL know how it got there, and will charge you extra…


It’s a great idea to fit a garbage disposal unit to both the bath and shower for situations like this.

Also makes it much easier when cutting up bodies in the bath,

PS - one of those beafy american units is great for dealing with bone.


Good for quick work when you’re expecting a knock at the door, but getting stuff like that forensically clean is a 'mare! I’ve gone organic for those few leftovers that Ginsters don’t want: free-range pigs are so thorough, just have to pick-up the occasional tooth…


They go through bone like butter


All this following a discussion of O Levels up thread. Top posting :rofl:


Gavin Williamson is a chorus guy…



I’m still staring at this, I think there are eight, possibly nine aircraft in formation, I don’t know. Brilliant though.