Shit you just learned (probably from the internet.)

Just checked the date via some photos - yup, September 2010. That’s a bit of a gunk.

I had decided that I was afraid of flying and the only way I was going to do a transatlantic flight was if we flew first class, so I duly paid for us to turn left. I do remember it being very nice.

We used to go to the US quite frequently, but shortly after that life chopped our legs out from under us and we never went back. I doubt we will again now.

Also I’m very, very fat in the photos. No wonder I got ill :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Didn’t know VW Golfs were made in the former Yugoslavia:

Good job it wasn’t British currency or it would have been useless for normal purposes.
Do the US update their banknotes or do you just need a posh photocopier to forge them?

US notes never expire, so to speak.

I had half a memory of this, but checked before handing them over.

Niece #2 is extremely excited about the trip, but it’s starting to dawn on her that she might not be quite the trailblazer she thinks she is.

Yes, we’ve been to all the places on your itinerary. Yes, multiple times. Yes, weird aunt and uncle down the road once lived a bit of a life and travelled to New York semi-regularly.

The photo of me at the top of the Twin Towers before she was even born was judged “craazyyyy” :smile:


That’s nothing to what she’ll think of your photos of your last trip to The Box…

Aaarrrrrgggghhh!!! Fucking hell! I’ve learned that this nasty looking fucker is a thing! :scream:


Named Fluffy :grinning:

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Want :star_struck:

The marine equivalent of the honey badger - no fucks given.


In fact it should be the AA mascot :grinning:

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Never saw anything like that before in my life. I blame David Attenborough and the bbc for neglecting my education,

Edit, And the tories, mainly the tories in fact.


That was a ickle-wickle baby one - the largest adults can approach 200Kg in weight and are said to be able to bite through a thick leather boot… Sole and all… With the foot still inside it.

They eat anything that’s small enough to be killed by them - fish, snakes, other turtles, rats, racoons, possums, small alligators - the list is endless: they’re bitey dustbins.

Two things catch unwary humans out - snapping turtles have really fucking long and flexible necks, like a snake. Also, like a snake, they can move their heads incredibly fast when they strike at prey: much faster than a human can react.

Upside is they’re supposed to be good to eat.


We’d have great fun feeding it tory mp’s :grinning:


Nah… That would be cruel* innit!

*Digestion, etc…

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I’m not going anywhere near that. Would give me mares, Reminds me of that 40 odd year old birds muff I tampered with when I was 23. Dry and snappy.

We have their miniature cousins here, the Common Snapping Turtle. They still weigh 15-20kg, up to 30kg in the Southern US. I see them all the time in streams I wade in while angling

Not my pic . . .


Want :grinning:

They’re quite impressive. Usually see them in water, laying on the bottom of deeper pools. There’s all sorts of smaller turtles it is common to see sunning themselves on logs or rocks.

Up to now the Honey Badger has been the unofficial AA mascot but ‘Fluffy’ seems to be quite a contender


Christmas turtle


Rescued one from the middle of the road once.

It wasn’t amused.

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