Sick of all the Southerners taking all the bandwidth with their namby pamby 'bakeoffs'?

Well now is our chance to stand tall.

Northern, and indeed, Scottish slaughter men (apart from Paul…he is too far North (although I would love to visit him)) , let us sort something … sometime.



Join in NEBO on aos. It’ll be fun. Run by a bloke who calls himself Progmeister I believe. Friend of Terry probably.

Fuck. That.


Providing you can accommodate overnighters, I’ll be up for it Stu. The border is only 360 miles from London.

namby pamby southerners indeed…Hrrrmmmmph! :unamused:

All round to mine for a tofu feast




I’m presuming you’re already sorted for smack when you’re up this time?

i.e. the first 36 miles take as much time as the other as the other 324.

I meant 36 miles south of London.
London is ooop North from here!

The South Downs are a proper border!

@B2T Can’t go wrong with a curry at Mother India. Great food, always cheaper than expected and they stick bigger groups downstairs out of the way.

Even if there was only going to be 4/5 of us I’m sure they’d give us the downstairs if we warned them we were cunts.

Although I don’t get out much I do unfortunately know of a few hipster venues through occasionally mixing with younger/trendier types. Although I’d blend in with my fixie, beard and tofu…none of them would be my in my top 50 choices.

Anywhere hirable to put one’s rig up in?

No idea of cost, but the Counting House is near there

Maybe a bit big. Good acoustics though :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway…I thought we were all just going back to your place? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooooh Matron! Etc etc…

Looks like that’s part of The Dog On String Pear Tree. I spent most of my grant there once upon a time. If it’s anything like Causewayside (where I used to live) then it’s probably gone considerably upmarket since those days.

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I wouldn’t say it’s gone upmarket- I don’t think the cunting house is expensive as far as venues go, my old work hired it for an xmas do and that was on a fairly limited budget I think. But, it’s big so prob not relevant anyway. The Pear Tree is pretty expensive and a bit shit but I think it’s always been? Since I was a student anyway. You went there for the beer garden rather than anything else.

A venue might overcomplicate things compared with a curry and drinks

when out and about in Edinburgh, I’d recommend here

or for something less formal, here:

You appear to be trying to drag this out of the gutter

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don’t the folk of the land of the skirted men like the finer things in life?

just quality lycra and artisan tofu

We’re definitely doing the rounds of “Gyroscope was here”. Again, I lived on Castle Terrace for 6 years.

I had a good, casual curry here

quite recently.