Slashers' corner's

Post your latest razor-related trip to A&E here.


Attention seeking arms included

@MJ2 if this really is your “first time”, you might want to start with the closed baseplate I sent.

The open comb side on the other plate may come with unintended carnage.



:+1: closed baseplate it is then boss


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I can see these terms all over the web but no real explanation.
What’s an open comb or a closed baseplate?
Isn’t it just a blade and a holder…

Need moar


Razor arrived. Quick effort with it this afternoon. All major facial features still intact. It is astonishingly feckin’ sharp compared to the standard Aldi disposables I use, so I was very, very careful. Not sure about using it if I’m in a rush in the morning…

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I presume you thought

Sadly, they are no match for the vicissitudes of the yellow :woozy_face:

No, I was thinking more…

OK, so, just what is the fucking point of these things ?

Bloody dangerous and took 15 minutes to do more damage than I’ve done with my Gillette Fusion in a decade.

Anybody want a nice razor ?



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It’s what the thread needed, good work

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I guess guy should have called it roulette razor, only one duffer in the collection

Did you splash the Brut on those cuts… :no_mouth:

My weekend shave has been postponed indefinitely due to a waterlogged pitch.

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AA Sacrificial Lamb to the slaughter, literally !!

Those safety razors are child’s play, You can’t cut deeper than a MM or two. AA shavers should at least be using one of these
For a wound worth mentioning :grinning:

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