My mum died over 10 years ago and he hates being alone. If you are not religious or sporty it is hard to find social activities that don’t revolve around the pub, particularly in rural areas.


I’m well aware that I drink way too much and have a growing dependency on it.

Not mental binge amounts mind and always with my (usually massive) main meal of the day.
I try very hard to have one sober day each week (not always successfully!!).

Guess an average week is 4-5 bottles of wine (mainly red), 4 strong (7-12% abv) bottles of ale and a few drams of whisky as a nightcap. So probably about average for the UK these days!!:grinning:

I expect there may be long term health repurcussions if I continue but I have sod all to live for in the medium term let alone long term so what the hell.:tumbler_glass:


I read this too; drinking in the older set has become a hidden problem and it’s often because of bereavement and loneliness. I can’t imagine the little old lady on my street caning it every afternoon with a bottle of sherry in front of Countdown.

Doesn’t work for some reason. Which is wrong.

If your Dad is just drinking socially then there should be some checks and balances with this. More so than at home.


Bring your own bottle sherry? :open_mouth: I have known a few people who drink this, tramp juice.


My mum and her sister and their mother in the 1960s and 70s (to be fair they all had a lot to put up with and no money to ease it at all). They broke the habit though, all credit to them.



Never tried it and never likely to now. Dammit! :anguished:


I ain’t no quack but don’t start that self-medicating bullshit. If you got problems, get to a doctor.


I think his issues are related to finding a meaning to life outside of the 4.15 at Newmarket. I’ve chosen to bypass the problem by having kids, which stops coherent thought. I’m not sure I know anyone who’s close to a solution.


I’ve no idea what the issues are.

Apparently a gambling addiction is just about the best way to lose lots and lots of money very quickly.

See also: children.


Life is futile and meaningless and then you die. And there is no god. Becoming an adult involves learning this, and then growing a pair and Dealing. I was an alcoholic because it was fun and I liked it, not because I’m a psychotic deadbeat, fraud and failure, that’s incidental.



My only ‘problem’ is deciding which bottle of red to open tonight.:+1:


There are no ‘issues’.

And gambling is what enables me to drink a better class of red.:ok_hand:


Amen to that brother.:clown_face:


Great. The “sod all to live for” part threw me a bit.


I believe that sentiment applies universally - unless you are in denial.:skull_and_crossbones:


Cheery cunt aren’t you?

No matter. You’ve penned another good contender for the forum tagline.

See, life isn’t so meaningless after all. :+1:


Knocking back paracetamol with cheap red wine that has been opened for a bit too long. If I had TB I’d be Bohemian.


Waiting for the outcome of a team meeting on Friday to see what is going to happen with Lou who remains in Aberdeen RI

Meanwhile she was on telly this morning. It’s near the end 40 mins on

Oh, and she’ll kill me for posting this! :flushed:


Best of luck mate. Dr. Bulger seems like a good sort.


Yes, he’s great. Sadly only a locum though, I wish he would consider taking the post permanently.