It must be fucking winter, hopefully this is it for another year.


I hope your other half is giving you the full nursey treatment :thumbsup:



Is she 'eck. keeping her distance, I have a sneaking suspicion she thinks I might be layering it on a bit thick :slight_smile:


Sympathies Bob. Get well soon.



Gone. 5 years with a pretty major operation a year or so ago. I just tore into a golden delicious like it was the first apple I have ever seen! :grin:


Never mind a pic of the manacles, how does the smile look ??



The smile looks distinctly average. I have some fairly extensive reconstructive work to be done but I can see how it is going to look! The most important thing is that my teeth are saved, it is really amazing what has been done. My jaws are aligned and my teeth are straight for the first time in 50 years. I have to say, I feel more than a little elated, it has been an enormous commitment.


Well battled that man :grin:


Brilliant news Ritchie- chuffed for you as this hasn’t been without its pain and difficulty which is hopefully all behind you now.


Nice one Ritchie, nearly there by the sounds of it.


Thanks guys, I feel a little emotional this afternoon. I can’t quite believe it’s done! :grinning:


I want to give you a big hug. I am very happy for you.


Great news. Very pleased for you. :+1:


get a nice thin strip of leather and you’ve got some nice necklace jewellery you can flog on ebay…


Great stuff Ritchie.
Way too much for a man to endure but you have come out the other side. I shall make the effort to pop in and see you to bask in the glow of your magnificent visage :sunglasses:


Off to the hospital tomorrow to get my right leg fixed for varicose veins. A couple of weeks off and living with Ms ICHM in Manchester for a week or so, so she can pamper me. Alternatively, I’ll be on a strict regime of exercise and a low fat diet. You just know which version I am expecting.


Hope it all goes well


Thanks, just done the house work as I will be incapacitated for a while.


Good luck Bob