PM me if you like.

Not sure what help I can be but I have plenty of experience.

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Excellent news.
Lovely view.

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Have you got some bins so you can be tatting some birds (or whatever it’s called)?

No idea what that is but I’m prepared to give it a shot


*Twatting :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Get well soon Paul!

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I am not sure the latest is better news. At least the view is nice. GWS.

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Now the difficult bit starts… 2 miles walk to bus station then bus to north mainland ferry to Yell and arranged for a mate to take me to north Yell to catch a ferry to Unst then Fetlar and getting collected at the ferry terminal and home!


ETA 4:45 Bloody Saturday timetables.

Oral antibiotics for a week and no drinking for the second time in a couple of months :roll_eyes:


Happy days!
The dogs will give you a warm welcome.

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For the second time in 2 days :rofl:

Good to hear that this is treatable with oral antibiotics. I was on a drip for several days and needed serious painkillers so avoiding the peritonitis is a result for you.

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Yes it is!

The pain hasn’t subsided but they have deemed me fit enough to make my way home. The walk to the bus station was fairly unpleasant


I presume that there may be dietary implications for you if this diverticulitis does not clear up pronto. My MiL is disbarred from eating all sorts of grainy food and seeds because of the severity of her case.

Anyhoo, good luck with the journey home. Hopefully, this will all be a vague memory in a couple of weeks.

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The consultant has strongly suggested a high fibre diet

As if it isn’t windy enough up here!


I reckon if you had a tail, it’d be wagging just as fast as theirs! :smiley:

Relieved you’re on the way back home Paul :ok_hand:

Nice, about as good a result as you could have asked for.

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Excellent news. Hope the trip goes well.

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How are things going Paul, settling down I hope.

Antibiotics seem to be doing their stuff, thanks. Spasms are much less frequent and nowhere near as severe.

On the mend.


That’s good news, going in the right direction then. :+1:

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