Was feeling really sick by 8pm so went to bed with a mug of hot milk but still had two tablets left to take.

Really thought I was going to hurl and last thing I remember was sitting on the side of the bed just waiting to run to the bathroom. Next thing I woke up at 11.45pm feeling a lot better.
The fact I had hardly slept the previous two nights probably helped.
Took the remaining two pills and then lay there for a couple of hours, did wordle and ordered a pill caddy on Amazon with same day delivery. :sunglasses: Then got up and made a cup of tea about 2am.

Have 10 tablets to take in the morning :weary: so the feeling of wellness is likely to be very short-lived so thought I’d make the most of these windows of opportunity and so I took Tara round the village at 2.45am - not sure if that counts as the latest or earliest walk we have had. :rofl:


Went back to bed about 3.30am and must have fallen asleep as I came round about 5.30am.
As I did I realised I needed a pee but that thought seemed to immediately tell my bladder to open and so the stream started :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: - I very quickly caught hold of it and legged it to the toilet and then did the biggest wee I’ve done in ages - kidneys must have been working overtime.
Took boxers off and washed them in sink and fortunately when I checked the bed sheets nothing had got through. :smiley:

First tablet I took this morning was one for the kidneys and now having my crunchy nut cornflakes with an anti-sickness pill chaser.


Well I’ve definitely got something.

Given that I can’t see a doctor I smashed a couple of terms into Dr Google.

Seeing the pictures that came up, if I haven’t got rubella I’ll eat my hat.

FFS that’s something that 8-year-olds get :man_facepalming:


Tara is going to have her hands full looking after you


Could’ve been worse then (probably best to keep off the Mattresses thread) …

Hang on in there :+1:.


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innoculated against

Bit if bad luck if you have got Rubella, normally having had it before provides immunity, although you can catch it again

My Wu Tang Clan name is now “Old Spotty Bastard” :laughing: It itches like anything though.

Of course I’m self-diagnosing via the internet, but all the symptoms match, and the rash looks exactly the same (as opposed to measles, shingles etc.)

To be honest I don’t know if I had the MMR, but if I did then it was bloody useless. I’ve had mumps twice too - ended up with a head like a rugby ball when I was about 15.

We didn’t have rubella innoculation when I was a child. I got it when I was 10 or so. My sister and I were in London, staying with my dad and his new partner. She was in the early stages of pregnancy. Bad. Very bad. There was no easy way to tell whether I might have passed it to her (symptoms can go all the way from rash and illness to none, and you’re infectious before you get symptoms). Fortunately, in a sense, this was after the 1967 Act and since she was young her GP had no hesitation in recommending a termination, which she had :frowning_face: (they did go on to have two more kids).


Hence the current hat size? :grinning:

Righteous Belgian peasant genes I’m afraid.

It comes to something when the national traits are a big head and squinty eyes :laughing:

The story goes that when they were kids my dad let a heavy fence post fall over and hit my uncle René in the head, knocking him out.

When René came to they found a big lump on the back of his head, and my dad got a walloping.

When I was born guess who also had a ruddy great lump on the back of his head. My dad was still bitter about it many years later.



Your daddy ain’t your daddy but your daddy don’t know.


Daughter has Covid, (blame Folkestone obvs).

Had quite a few people I know getting it, some quite flattened. Are we supposed to have jabs or what? Haven’t heard anything from NHS.

Absolutely. I look a lot more like René than my dad.


I think you have to be quite old to get an nhs vivid jab at the mo.



Oh right I thought I was quite old but apparently not, there’s always a silver lining.

Apropos nothing, I still feel guilty about giving my dad a really nasty turn one Christmas.

I’d recently bought a green felt hat, and I later found out that René had had a similar hat.

Got the train down from Edinburgh to Malvern. Didn’t bother to tell, err, anyone, and walked from the station to my parents house.

When I stepped in I saw the blood absolutely drain from my dad’s face because as far as he was concerned he’d just watched his dead brother walk in the back door.

> 25 years ago but I still feel guilty.


Not been too bad this weekend.
Plenty of short bouts of nausea with a few sudden heaves though haven’t been sick, and bowel movements are a bit of a struggle.:woozy_face:
Spells of runny nose and had a really sort throat last night but that has eased.