My mums cancer came back, so that’s a bit shit.

Sorry to read this :frowning:

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That’s sad. Hope everything gets treated well.

That’s really bad news. I hope that she will respond to a second round of treatment though.

Sorry to hear that Neil.

Sorry to hear that Neil.

Sorry to hear that.

That’s sad news. Cancer fights hard, and dirty. The doctors are so much better at dealing with it than they once were, but still it’s a struggle.

Sorry to read this.

That’s such a shame. You must be worried sick. Hang in there.

Sorry to read this

Really sorry to read that Neil - hopefully your mum can fight it off again.

Been feeling much worse today - just aching all over and and feeling rough with some sharp pains in abdomen (possibly kidneys?).

The big lump of dead cancer in my left groin where I had the surgery has definitely shrunk a lot already and I wonder if it’s breaking up and causing some of this.

Had really bad constipation since the chemo but finally squeezed one out last night and have done several small bowel movements today.

Temperature is still ok so will sit it out and see how it goes. :crossed_fingers:


Make sure that you let the nurses/oncologists know about the constipation. Something like Dioctyl (aka Docusate) can be a very gentle way to ease things along. As for the aches etc, my experience with chemo suggests that you can feel like you’re getting the 'flu (knackered, achy and sweaty) quite a bit. Get loads of fluid down you. You really can’t drink enough water, juice, cordial or tea.

How are you doing without the demon drink?

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Haven’t even thought about alcohol tbh.:+1:


That’s how strong chemo is :face_with_spiral_eyes:

After a reasonable first four days I have had a horrendous few days. :weary:

I just ache all over and feel exhausted, gone from constipation to diarrhoea and get stomach cramps almost as soon as I eat anything.
Way worse than I was expecting or had been warned by my health professionals. :rage:

Temperature and blood pressure are all within advised limits so I don’t think it is an infection - just the effects of chemo. If it gets worse on future cycles, which seems to be the expectation, I dread to think how I will cope.
I did phone the emergency chemo line yesterday but just got a young triage nurse who said if I was worried I should go to A&E - don’t feel well enough to drive there and sitting in a crowded room with a lowered immune system doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Oh no, I’m really sorry you’re suffering like this :frowning:

Remember the basics - keep fluids up, eat little and often, remember the meds they give you, take what painkillers you can.

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If you are stuck and need driving anywhere give me a shout.


Try the green tea with ginger, it really helped my mum when she got stomach cramps (and feeling sick) during chemo.

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