Nightmare, sorry to hear that you’re having such a rough time.

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How is your recovery going?

Sorry to hear that Paul. Is it worth having a word with the doctors and seeing if the triage nurses can be OK’d to bring you straight into a ward ? There might be all sorts of formalities about them not treating you unless you’ve been admitted to a bed, but they might well have worked out ways around those for chemo patients. It’s not as if you’ll be the first with this problem or as if you’re a complete stranger to them.

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I think the effects I’m feeling are all part of what can happen with chemo, I just didn’t think I would get it this bad, so not sure a bed is going to be forthcoming.
Unless I get an infection and a temperature or start having heart / breathing issues I think it’s just
a case of letting it take it’s course and hope it gets better before the next course of chemo next Friday,:cold_face:

Two extremes of opinion:

1 - chemo is a poison, it’s gonna fuck you up so deal with it

2 - if this is worse than they said it would be, maybe you are having some kind of adverse reaction and they should know about it

I don’t know which applies to you, but maybe consider the second?

I imagine you’re right about the chemo and you probably don’t want to be admitted into a bed. I just wondered if there might be any relief they could offer on the ward or, as Adam says, they might recognise something unusual based on their having seen lots of chemo patients before.

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Sounds horrible, not sure what’s worse - normal chemo reaction so more of the same or need to go in again.

Hope it improves soon.

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The hospital did phone up at about 2pm to check how I was which was nice.


Thanks for all the comments and advice. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Started to feel better yesterday evening and had a decent night.

Had a reasonably normal bowel movement when I got up as well. :poop:

Got some green tea with ginger coming later today. :ok_hand:

Just hope that is the worst over and I can recover enough to be ready for the next session on Friday. Presumably they space it every two weeks because that’s how long it takes for each batch to be absorbed and processed by the body.

Gums are starting to feel a little dry and rough in places and I was warned mouth issues usually start about 10-14 days after each session.


Glad to hear that you are feeling better. IIRC I was on a four week cycle. I would have one week of feeling OK just before the cycle began, one week of being wiped out and two weeks of feeling a bit crappy with a lot of the symptoms you describe. If you get too run down they’ll delay the cycle to allow you time to recover.

Get some mouthwash. Mouth ulcers are really common and are a pain so try not to allow any to develop. You’ll be prone to them while your immune system is compromised.

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I find this exact variant knocks anything on the head in one go usually -

Tastes fucking vile of course, but it works. There’s a gel as well, which I’ve not tried.

Sorry to hear of your travails - I enter this thread with trepidation every time…

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Felt a lot better yesterday but much more achey again today. Not sleeping well doesn’t help,
Going to give bloods tomorrow and assuming they are happy with results it’s back to chemo on Friday.:cold_face:


PET scan for me tomorrow. Looks like there is something up as I had an MRI last week and they rang me on Sunday to book the PET.


Good luck Paul.

Hopefully nothing too serious Olan.

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All the very best Ólan :+1:.

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Hope it goes well Ólan :crossed_fingers:

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Fingers crossed!

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Scan all done. The PET is nice because they ask you to lounge around for an hour after the injection before they do the scan. I’ll get the results later this month.


All the best Olaf :+1:

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