I’m seven days into my latest attempt to ditch the demon drink. The recent death of comedian Sean Hughes, aged 51, from an alcohol related illness shocked me to my senses somewhat. Not much older than me and someone who was part of my 90s and later life experience. This and knowing full well I drink too much.

I’m feeling absolutely knackered, tired, but apparently this is normal.

Rest in Peace Sean. Thanks for the laughs.


Good luck :+1:


It took me to become chronically ill to reduce my drinking. Years ago I would drink every night, and to excess about twice a week. Now I only drink about two night a week. Whatever your catalyst is, try to use it and achieve something genuinely beneficial to yourself :+1:


Find something else, abstinence by itself is difficult, give your mind something else to focus on.

Applaud you and wish you the very best of luck.


Sorry I missed your post Paul - best wishes to you both but especially Lou obviously.


Thanks fellas :+1:

Even after a week it’s a real novelty being sober at this hour. I’m surprised how much time I have in the evenings to do other things, and how many more productive things I can do. Not least actually remembering what the fuck I watched the previous evening.

Giving it my very best.


Best of luck to you. On November 26th I will be 17 year sober. Changed my life.


This is the case for me also. With the exception of two pints and a half bottle of wine with @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi in Oxford last February, I’ve hardly had a drink for two and a half years. I can’t ever see myself caning it again, but it would be nice to be able to have a social drink (or even an anti-social one) every now and then.


It was 3 pints :roll_eyes:


I hate you! :fu:


My work is done :+1:


11 years for me, stick with it, it really is worth it.


This really is the AA…


Indeed it is.
15 Years for me


The rubbish men have just been for our fortnightly collection of rubbish and recycling.

I don’t need to look out of the window to know when to go outside and bring my wheelie bins back up the drive. The tremendous cacophony and glass-crescendo of my recycling bin being emptied easily bests anyone else’s in the street.

It was a little more subdued this time. Dunno what I shall do when it’s near silent (save for a few extra coffee jars). :thinking:


Got back from Aberdeen RI yesterday, unfortunately, minus Lou. They were concerned that she had deteriorated in the space of a week, since our last consultation. So, they’re keeping her in for a week or so to try and stabilise her and help to get rid of the water retention that her condition is causing.

I had to return to look after the girls, the lady that was minding them has gone on holiday.

It isn’t out of the question that they will get to the stage where they decide to carry out the op. during this period, at which time I will obviously go back, once I sort out a minder for the girls.

At least she’s in the best place now and receiving constant treatment, rather than sitting at home waiting for an appointment.


Fingers crossed for both of you Paul.


Yes, best wishes to you both.


Best wishes Paul, take it easy mate. :+1:


All the best Paul. The sooner Lou’s mended, the better.