Sincere best wishes for a successful outcome


It goes without saying, but our best wishes for you and Lou.


Very best wishes. Hope all goes well.


Hope things work out ok, Paul. Best wishes to Lou and you.


All the best, Paul and Lou.


As you say, she’s defo in the best place to get sorted.

All the best to you both.


Best wishes Paul and Lou


Fingers crossed here. :+1:


Best wishes to you both Paul, hope the doctors can fix Lou.


Paul, I hope it all goes well for Lou and yourself


Very best of luck to you both Paul.


Thinking of you both Paul. Best wishes.


Blimey Paul, best wishes to both!


Best wishes Paul I hope everything turns out well for you both.


Best wishes to you both Paul.


Hard place, when there is so much distance between home and hospital.

Fingers crossed. Get well soon, Lou.


Fuck I hate being ill. My disease has suddenly flared up; while the direct impact is fairly small (I have a few burning blisters and a whole load of slightly pink itchy skin), my body is in overdrive - half of it is attacking itself, the other half is trying to repair it. I’m constantly drained - I just walked up the stairs and needed a few minutes rest. From targeting 10-15k steps a day I struggle to hit 5k. I can’t even sit in my listening chair for long, I need to lie down.

Bollocks to it.


Hope the flare up subsides as quickly as it started - all the best


That sounds awful. Fatigue is unbelievably unpleasant and very hard to get help with. The standard responses appear to be ‘Are you depressed?’ or ‘you would feel better if you got more exercise’. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hopefully the flare up will be short lived.


Hopefully it’s short lived and passes quickly for you.