It was your comments Graeme that made me ask the question!
I have no idea what I will have done, no point going to see a consultant with your mind made up.
(Although I expect the most expensive procedure will be recommended!)


What was the ‘rest’ time or time off work?
Although I should ask what you do to make that relevant.

Because of my diabetic eyes the most expensive procedure (fully multifocal) wasn’t on offer. To be absolutely fair though the consultant didn’t push me either way between the two other lens options. She obviously doesn’t get enough of a kickback from the lens people. She’d get paid for the procedure whichever lens I chose, the only issue being whether the NHS pays for it (basic lens) or I pay (fancy lens).

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I had the simple lens, partly because it was on the NHS, but I was still going to need varifocals because of the other eye.

In my case I would have been OK to work pretty much the next day, but I’m retired so it didn’t factor. I had eye drops four times a day and an eyepatch to wear at night for a couple of weeks to stop accidentally rubbing the eye. The guidance note I got said:

  • Avoid vigorous exercise for the first two weeks
  • Gentle activity is encouraged and computer work is fine
  • You should be able to drive after two or three days

Following my exploits in Scotchland earlier this week I now possess a right lower leg that resembles an artisan produced Cumberland sausage with a bend in the middle and 5 hemorrhoid like appendages protruding from the end! Where once were ankle bones is now an amorphous lump of multi-coloured squidgy mess. I’m hoping that given time the pointy bits may reappear?
An X-ray at the time showed a hairline fracture but without recourse to MRI or CT scan the medics were unable to determine the extent of soft tissue damage, but I was told that in combination with my age it was likely severe enough to prevent full recovery to a functionality previously enjoyed! I was offered a transfer from Fort William to either Glasgow or Inverness for further investigation but after considering my options and the impact that would likely have on my companion I politely declined and accepted the offer of a boot and a referral to my local trauma centre.
Feeling confident I tried a day free from major pain relief today but by about 4pm I caved and synthetic opiates were necked with a can of Beavertown! :yum:


Ouch! Best wishes for recovery

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Hope you’re soon on the mend.

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Cheers fellas. In the grand scheme I’m just about ok. All limbs are still attached (ish) and was lucky it happened where it did within a short but painful hobble to a hard packed country track with vehicular access. 50 metres further down the trail and it would have been a full on Mountain Rescue/Coastguard operation!
And, in keeping with the forum ethos, it could have been MUCH worse… I might have injured my wrist! :fist::scream:



My once-sprained ankle (right) actually causes me more trouble now than my once-broken one (left). But I still managed 21 miles (here to Hampstead Norreys and back) on Friday. To generate what the orthopaedic consultant described as “a shocker” of a fracture (right wrist) I had to make use of a double-decker bus.


Not even @MonitorGold10 is that enthusiastic about buses.


I we talking fill size double decker or a dinky toy? Just need to know which hobby was being indulged:)

None of my hobbies involves Dinky things :wink:. None of the hobby things is big enough to break my wrist with tho’. We are talking a full-size bus for that.


let me guess - you put your arm out at a request stop and he didn’t?

Dunno, to be honest. The bits of gravel embedded in my cycle helmet tell me that that was destroyed by impact with the road. There were no bits of gravel in my hand so I reckon that probably hit the bus itself. The people on the bus said the collision made a very loud bang indeed, so some part of me must have hit it hard. There was CCTV but I’ve never seen it. The damage to my head meant I made no memories at all for maybe 10 minutes, including the whole of the accident, so I am literally completely in the dark about it. My wrist was smashed though, and 12 days later a blood vessel in my skull burst in a way that kills four out of every six and leaves the fifth with permanent disabling brain damage. So even then I had more to worry about than the details TBH.


You don’t do things by halves Graeme :astonished:

explains a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They say the sixth makes a 'good ’ recovery. I noted they didn’t say ‘complete’ :wink:.

Anyway, I had the right-eye cataract done at 11:15 this morning. I won’t lie, it wasn’t a pleasant procedure, but it was essentially painless apart from the absolutely effing blinding lamp. I could see immediately that the colours in my right eye are now brighter and bluer than in my left (through which the world now seems to be yellow) but I can’t tell if the focusing’s improved yet because the weapons-grade dilation drops haven’t worn off, and my eye’s covered by a translucent shield with bits of surgical tape across it and, well, my cornea’s been cut. So it might need 48 hours before it’s anywhere near normal again.

It would also be better if it wasn’t the sunniest day ever.


Get well soon, sounds extreme (as might be expected with eye surgery)

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Good luck with your recovery.
Got my initial consultation this evening

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