Sorry to hear this Paul. Medical matters are so very much not black and white, revisions like this are not unusual, but I can understand after all this anticipation is must be difficult to process.

Take a break, enjoy the festive what-not, and then consider what to do next. It may be worth seeing a second opinion, possibly overseas even. Our thoughts are with you both.


So sorry to read this Paul.


I’m sorry to learn this too Paul.


I imagine the uncertainty is awful. As Paul says, just try to step back and enjoy the season for a while.

I echo his comments on a second opinion. Check out the places that are real specialists in her condition, both in terms of being a centre of excellence and results. See if you can get a referral there.


Just bloody tough, having been given one set of expectations, to have the rug pulled out. Sorry for you Lou, hope you make it home safe when the weather relents.

You’ll likely know already that the Freeman, Newcastle, is one of those places


Confusing times indeed. Very best wishes to Lou, take time to seek advice and think carefully.


Paul that news must be very disappointing sorry to hear it, all the best wishes for you and Lou and hoping for some improved health options going forward.


It may seem like a set back but try and stay positive. It may well change again before there is a final decision.
As has been said already, try to enjoy the festive season together and face the issue in the New Year. Easier said than done I know.

Best wishes to you both.


Sorry hear your news, it must be terribly disappointing.

Medicine is rarely about absolutes so I hope that Lou and yourself can stay positive until your next consultation. Fingers crossed for both of you.


Best wishes to you both, hopefully this will result in a better outcome.


Yes, take a break, enjoy Xmas together and consider a second opinion thereafter…


This is what we have agreed to do. I’ll be bringing her home next week.

Thanks for all of the kind comments guys, it is a great help knowing that so many friends are behind us.


5 weeks sober today.

It’s five weeks since I started this stop drinking lark and abstinence still isn’t easy. It’s getting easier however. I’ve not had a single wobble this week where I’ve needed to talk myself out of buying a bottle. This is good. :smiley:


I hope you don’t mind this question.

I know you felt you were drinking too much, but did you feel it was at a level where you needed to stop entirely rather than just drop it down to a more sensible amount?

Are you going properly teetotal or just having a break?


Cutting down rarely works imho, you just gradually creep back up. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink in over 10 years.


I haven’t had one for 5 minutes. Must remedy that


I’m not shy about it Rob so I don’t mind questions.

Before I made the decision to stop I was drinking every day from around 5pm and getting through 12 to 15 bottles of red wine a week. My GP had expressed grave concerns about my “terrible” liver functioning results, twice. My drinking was abusive and out of control, no doubt about it.

For the foreseeable future my intention is to stop for good. Because, for whatever reason, I lost the ability to drink sensibly and in moderation.

Perhaps in the future I’ll allow myself to drink again - but I’d be very cautious and hyper-vigilant about doing so (to the point where I simply won’t bother).


Good for you. The most important thing I’ve taken from what you said is that you recognised what you were doing and decided you wanted to make a change. It’s hard to admit that so I admire your honesty and your commitment.


Since reading the start of this I have been thinking too. I know I have been drinking too much for many ears.

Every normal day. 2 pints down the local with the dogs. 3 single G&T’s before dinner, 2 - 4 single whiskeys before bed. Bit more over the weekend. This has been consistent for over 25 years and more so before that.

Problem is my regular liver tests are clean, no sign of diabetes, I’m pretty fit as I walk between 3 and 10 miles every day so I’m not getting the required kick in the arse to do anything.


Thanks for that, I really appreciate your openness.

I took October off booze, partly to prove to myself I could go without it and partly because I felt I was drinking a bit too much.

My biggest problem was that I absolutely love the taste of beer and wine and I missed it, more than the alcohol effect. I found a couple of alcohol free beers and wines that I liked the taste of and that helped a lot.

I’m lucky in that my job involves early starts and driving and is reasonably physical, so having a hangover really makes the morning after very unpleasant/untenable, so I am able to self regulate on that basis. If I didn’t have to go to work in the morning, then I might not be able to regulate.

I do tend to overindulge when I haven’t got work the next day, but since having a few weeks off, I have definitely cut down a fair bit, and I think I enjoy what I do drink more because of it.

Good luck mate.