Yes. Bits crossed* here too Paul.

*It’s an Oxfordshire thing :+1:


Best wishes.


Best wishes to you both Paul on what must be a very worrying time - for all it’s problems the NHS does really pull through at times like this so Lou will be in good hands.


Oh Paul, I hope that Lou gets fixed soon. I can’t imagine how stressful this is for the pair of you.


Just waiting for the date now. It’s frustrating, worrying and a little bit surreal, but we’re hanging in and concentrating on the positives.


Date confirmed for Lou’s op.

7th Dec (next Thursday) Fingers crossed.

I’ll be flying to Aberdeen on 6th.


Seriously thinking of you both. The percentage odds of success are high ( and you can probably add a few more points to that ) Surgeons have to tell it how it is and cannot be overly optimistic, but 80/90%, good odds mate, sadly opposed to those at present. She’ll be like a new woman post convalescence - watching you do all the housework and then some, oh how I hope she milks it. :grinning:


Good news. Be positive; I’m sure all will work out well and you’ll both have a fantastic Christmas together


Good news Paul.


Glad you have a date Paul.


Great news ! Fixed by Christmas. Nice pressie.


wishing you both all the best, and Lou a speedy recovery


Well, after getting people to look after the girls and sorting out all of the travel arrangements to Aberdeen, Lou’s op has been put back ‘a week or so’ ffs.

However, the surgeon is convinced it is the right decision, so we have to trust his judgement.

Both disappointed but happy that he’s taking so much care in his decisions.


All that matters tbh.


Looks like Lou isn’t going to have the op now. Surgeon is not prepared to do it as he says there’s now a 25% chance that she would not survive. Lou just wants to come home now. I can imagine why she feels that way.

Both very disappointed and up in the air. She needs to see the surgeon again to get the long term prognosis of not having the op.

Completely confused


All this uncertainty must be very distressing Paul. Clearly with a big op you want them to be just as sure as they can be that they’re taking the best path forward. But you do wonder sometimes whether they factor in the emotional upset that results when they do their thinking out loud. You’re both very much in my thoughts.



So sorry to hear this Paul, so many ifs, buts and why’s must be playing havoc with you and Lou. Regards to the both of you and hope that you can look forward to encouraging news in the future.


Bugger, sorry to hear that, sounds like a very difficult situation. :confused:


Thoughts with you both Paul


Sorry to hear your news Paul. I hope the situation becomes clearer and that you can find the best way forward.