Slippery slopes

Once upon a time…

  • I said I wouldn’t go pre/power. I went pre/power

  • I said no valves. I am on my third valve phono stage

  • I said I’d never go MC. Yet, I am now converted

I am either full of shit, easily led, or a combination of the two. Oh well. Me stereo sounds good though :grin:


To figure out your next upgrade, what else did you say never to?


That is the logical next step, yet I haven’t ruled it out.

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Mate, you’re at least 20 years behind the rest of us denial-merchants…

Fucking hell, you’r enobody until you’re at least failed dealerscum with rooms full of unsellable shite

Obsession is everything…


All three of those were good decisions.


Yay! Validation!

i HATE valves
i HATE pre-power - illogical, irrational and counterproductive
I fucking HATE M|C - fragile ephemeral damned things

music is the wirst thing that ever happened to hiffiii

Ij just look at my systm now :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: bliss

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I suppose I could go batshit crazy on interconnects, power cables and speaker cable?

I do possess a fine vintage Wychwood Powa Kabl, plus a Chord Spendywank interconnect. Don’t really think I can improve on those.

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you’ve peaked bro - quit while yer ahead . . . . . . . . . . wanna buy sum watches?


How are those speakers?

A huge improvement on the B&W CM9 that they replaced. I didn’t realise just how bad the midrange was on the CM9s. The first few albums I put through the Revels were, pardon the pun, a Revelation. All became clear!

I am now getting fuller, more controlled bass in my sweet spot sofa position. Tweeter-wise, they are not harsh or strident.

I like them a lot.

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Now seems a good time to open the next door and practice saying no to:

Bespoke commissions
Vintage rarities
Field Coils
The sunny uplands of SUT’s.
Exotic TT hats
Home demolition
Air Bearings.


Wot? No Schumann? Or is that reserved when you’ve indulged your need for all of the above?

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We’re just waiting fo r you to buy that Rolex you’re in denial about. :rofl:


Schumann, Lab -Yah!'s quantum masseuse and so much more is for when people start becoming mildly serious about sound.

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dont worry you’ll go full circle, it’ll be a little while until you realise it wasnt worth it and end up listening on a Amazon Alexa or Sonos speaker or you phone…


How could you!


Don’t forget many started but unfinished DIY projects…

Things that won’t happen, no. 11.

No. 1 is replacing the lawn with plastic grass.

Why ? You’ll get more air and the greens will be greener.