Is it me or are people driving slower than normal lately. As a 10 year wfh hermit I have little cause to drive anywhere regularly but when I do I keep at or near the speed limit.

Lately though I’m almost always stuck behind someone pootling along at 45 in a 60 or 20 in a 30 if I venture out.
This 45 usually continues into any lower speed limit which makes me think it’s stupidity and not something else.

Anyone else noticed this or do this for a valid reason or am I being more of a cunt than usual.

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Petrol is fucking expensive, there is a marked slowing of traffic on motorways

Speed cameras r us these days and can’t afford the points so driving everywhere at 60 with eyes peeled for roadworks and digital motorway signs, it’s hard work now, used to set the cruise control to 77 and listen to the radio

Fuel prices also a factor makes sense

Or is it that people have slowed down after treating the empty roads of Lockdown like Racetracks?

Definitely noticed people driving more slowly on the bit of M25 that I use.:face_with_monocle:

Yes, the roads are full of cunts. I think you have the right idea, I’d stay indoors if I could.


The road is full of morons, it’s a total daymare, I want to kill them all.


Yep, it’s more idiocy, or moron led than any conscious effort.


You just need to be patient and grown up, and everyone will be safer. Angry drivers are dangerous drivers.

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Anger sharpens the responses, this is needed when dealing with morons, fight or flight etc.

Nope, I still see absolute tools completely not in control of their vehicles doing 60 in a 20 limit every day.

Damn but they must be so important needing to get somewhere that fast.

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My experience of the ‘still doing 40+ after having driven into a 30 limit area’ lot is that they are mostly very old and driving at the edge of their capability. Just keeping the car off the pavement at that speed occupies all the faculties they have left. Noticing road signs went years ago …

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Does this not describe the AA demographic/driver perfectly?

These arseholes are Ubers or under-30s in high-end 4x4s.

Yes, your G-Wagon is capable of those speeds, but do you think that’s wise?

No. The good drivers are attentive but relaxed. Red-faced drivers (usually in German cars) are a danger to themselves and everyone else.

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Ah, well done. Keep up the stereotyping.

My company car is a BMW. But I don’t drive it like a tit. Sadly, many BMW drivers do.

Thanks for confirming my point.

Try driving here where there are more than 7 cars.

Well, I did for over 40 years and tbh the number of bad drivers I encountered were pretty evenly distributed across all makes of cars.

To single out drivers of German cars is, as I said, stereotyping.

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I drive my BMW fairly well, I even remember to operate the indicators nearly all of the time, when required.

However I’ve crashed 2 Peugeot Expert vans in the last year…