Smart meters?


Smart meters are a govt project so they’ll never fucking work anyway.


The one Scottish Power fitted for us last week doesn’t work properly, when wifey reported this to them, they said we need to get in touch with the company who fitted it.

So: we’ll just change supplier.


And then it will never work :grin:


Ours never worked when we were with British Gas. They owed us hundreds when we switched. The current supplier can’t use the Smart Meter and we don’t miss it. They seem similarly keen on raking in far too much of our cash, so will be given the chop in the next month or so…

It seems they are all a similar bunch of difficult to contact, useless, money-grabbing tossers.


No. I think you’ll find that’s the public sector. The private sector is a sleek, lean state-of-the-art machine driven to a laser-like focus on the customers’ best interests by the searing heat of competition. Nothing can be better and you can prove that absolutely by mathematics (OK, ideology, but in the case of free-market ideology that’s at least as good). As Mr Trump says if you want to find a bloated, wasteful behemoth staffed by uncaring avaricious bone-idle incompetents then just look at, say, the NHS.



I agree. A glorious 1000-year future awaits**. Remind me when we are invading Poland.

** May not be glorious. May include nuclear annihilation and/or excessive fail.


thanks cragger , providor the installer let me down already twice and i am not inclined to trust them again. thanks for you advice


Strangely, my smart meter has started working again this week, no change of supplier.


Still getting phone calls about the old smart meter.
Still not sure if they are a good idea or not.
Are they transferable between energy providers?
When I fire up the Valve amp I bet it would light up like a Christmas Tree :joy::joy::joy:


I always thought they aren’t transferable between providers, but that’s the internet for you, I haven’t actually asked a real person that knows :wink:


we had one fitted this morning, some are transferable some not. In our case it is, if the new provider will swap the sim card. I don’t really give a shit either way, but having a had a new consumer unit and a load of new wiring installed a while back, I thought getting rid of a 40 year old meter for a new one was not a bad idea.


It’s lovely to have the AC keeping the house nice and cool but I dread to think how much the bill will be as it’s been running pretty much full pelt for the last month :flushed::flushed:


Haven’t got a smart meter and can’t see any benefit (to me) in having one.
When they call I always ask why should I bother and get told it is a Government Initiative.
I am not taking time off work for them to do something which is not a safety issue and has no benefit to me.


Article on the BBC yesterday claimed smart meters save the average uk consumer a whopping £11 a year, which is just over 3 pence a day! Well worth the effort for all concerned.


That’s amazing :rofl:


Apparently the meter cost around £125 to fit free in terms of upfront cost. I expect to find later that you the taxpayer lost more in tax than they gained in savings but a large number of Execs in energy management and small electrical device design trousered lots of profit.


I fail to see where they can show me anything/anywhere that we can adjust our usage to save any money.
If we don’t use it - it isn’t on…lights, equipment (except for the AAA rated fridges),etc. We don’t even leave the TV on standby.

We have been frugal with energy consumption for 30+ years. Not for any “saving the planet” bollocks but I hate waste and especially don’t like wasting money.


That is it in a nutshell.


I can see some benefit for me - To help quantify how wasteful my wife is:- filling the kettle to the brim for 2 cups of tea, living lights on, running a nearly MT washing machine and dishwasher having a 15 minute shower. That said she won’t change.


having had a good number of failed appointments by providor [ the people that fit them ] [ 4 in fact ] i finally gave in and had one fitted and its been fine

tried to get one on the place i am doing now and they say there is a years waiting list !!! one minute they are beseiging you with phonecalls , emails , texts , letters and next …