Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium

Jaysus! Is Ziggy back?


Don’t think it’s him, whoever it is is wearing long trousers for starters, and the cankles are nothing like big enough.


The clue is in the white line they are about to hoover up

I miss him

Does anyone have Red Wing boots?

They say on the website they wear big so to order a size down from your UK size but just wondering how accurate that is?

Sizing : Drop down a full size

I’ve had a few pairs - I think the rule was they come up half a size larger than trainers? TBH I got a little tired to the resoling - Damn things are made of butter or equally rubbish material.

I was 19 when I got my red wings.

Just sayin’…


just going for the chukka so hopefully the sole will last a while, going through desi boots like crazy.

went for the bleedin obvious gag.


Seriously contemplating these in Trickers 20% BF offfer

I don’t need them but …

Preferably without the scratch on the side?

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or that colour

or that style

You are 15 years too young for those.

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But I will get 15 years of wear out of them before then :grinning:

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I have two pairs of those in black (on double leather sole).
Lovely things and really comfortable, mainly as the Woodstock is a 4497 and closer to true size than their similar 4444 country shoes.

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I am still clonking round in a pair of these I bought 5 years ago

As the supercillious salesman in Trickers factory shop said to me

“Excellent choice sir, they will certainly outlast you”

As I said, I don’t need any more shoes, I have about 10 cunty pairs already!


Sorry what? That’s just “We’ve got the sizing wrong” surely?


Trickers country lasts are sized half to one size larger to account for thick woollen socks.
Not wrong, just catering for your needs, Sir.