Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


Haven’t worn these for a while, they are due an airing, perhaps tonight?


I admire the way the faux snakeskin highlights the onset of cankle. Admirably cuntish footwear…


my ankles are fucked, that is the good one




TBF, given some of the footwear you’ve displayed, I’m amazed you’ve not had both feet lopped off by the taste police. You could adapt I suppose and have castors fitted.


Damn. I can see there’s quite some competition out there.

I give you: the Timberland faux-nubuck WTF. These are the “secure facility” model.


I’m also intrigued by the presence of one of those hospital sicky-bowls in the background.


cat basket - put your glasses on man


I assumed that was the hat which matched the shoes.



I thought it was some sorta East laandan fez


I wanted to know who stole the carpet but realized it had been worn away during the Cunty shoe moon walk break in period.




Always the winner , I admire your tenacity


I haven’t got to the back of the cupboard yet…


Saw him supporting Yes in 79


It’s bank holiday crack on…


Patrick cox?


Please tell me there is hope for a patent Patrick Cox delight?


have a prize!


4 grand in used notes please