Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


Better take the shoes .


Hang on, those are Patrick Cox? So you paid top dollar to look a prize lemon?

Also, sports socks? Yeesh.

Marjorie, pass the eye bleach!


Wearing my Adidas in the sun at the pub


Very odd, it just recalled this


Why the hell you would want them on your feet is beyond me, but at least you haven’t stepped out your front door in them


saw a pair today in the window of the Trickers shop on Jermyn Street. Look great in the flesh.


I would like to remind you they are just shoes.


Yeah. Like it’s just a Stereo :roll_eyes:




You don’t need a stereo as you would only abuse it with prog


Says the man with such good taste in shoes that he has no toenails!


Love of Prog = Great taste in shoes. Fact.




Prog shoes

And specially made for @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi



Double delude dude…:smile:


Et tu Bruv :disappointed_relieved:


Meh! I’ve worn worse :unamused:


Ideal for gardening, or walking the dog.


… or playing ska bass



I won’t buy shoes that cost more than my hi fi or make me look like Fred Astaire


thankfully too large for me