Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


I say again - A Queenslander wouldn’t have a jacket on.
They are as thick as pig shit and wouldn’t understand what cold was as a sensation.


Fair point. He is probably a cunt then, just like this bloke:


Black socks = Deviant!


Yep. Defo cunt :+1:


Order Wrong


Red Dog -> purple cunt boots


Pair of my William Lennons back from the cobblers with fresh tyres.


Fucksake, tahts just a pair of old army ammo boots with some holes punched in.



I don’t think so. Made in Derbyshire. Do some homework.


They could be made in the queen or Persias fanny, still fucking army boots with some punch holes.
Youve been robbed.

In fact, British army ww2 pattern ammo boots.

Do some fucking homework yourself, or just face up to paying over the odds for some fucking army boots.


Paying over the odds? Best pair of boots I’ve ever had. Been to the factory. Will custom make to your spec. Wouldn’t buy owt else. Sorry if that makes you very angry. X


as someone of good taste in footwear, they look awful.


now Jeffrey West is a fine purveyor of boots - for example


I’m not angry, I paid £35 for my genuine 1939 dated ammo boots.
I’m just amazed what people will pay for knock offs.


I’ll take your word for it then.


they are great aren’t they?


I bet you can get a good moonwalk out of them.


£35 was a lot of money in 1939.


Looks like something Willy Wonka would wear…




Negative, Willy Wonka was cool.