Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


True, but he dressed like a cunt:


Thought the purple clown boots might match the jacket…



It was a sad day for decency when Jeffery thought enough of his design to actualize them.


I’ve been looking at their WW1 boots, fancy a pair with rubber soles.


Can’t recommend them highly enough Bob. May not be to some people’s taste on here but the quality is superb. Britain’s last remaining heavy boot manufacturer. Not fashion boots but hard wearing made for the outdoor boots. If you give them a ring I’m sure they would put a Vibram sole on a pair of WW1s.


The most wonderful thing I have seen all day.

Stronzetto on the other hand has already written to the manufacturer:

"I get frightened and harangued by vegetarians (I think they live in the post office or near my Grundon bin)
I praise Bacchus to know these shoes could keep me safe in the future. One problem I only wear flip flops, can you make me sexy anti veg flip flops?"


Do they do them in grey? :thinking:


We have a Vegetarian Shoe Shop in Brighton


Do they sell spinach loafers?


I feel a bit uncomfortable about wearing shoes shoes made out of vegetarians.
They strike me as being a bit thin and noisy :thinking:


Thin surely?


Obvs, fat fingered Autocorrect. I’m not a vegetarian :unamused:


I’ll stick with my Bucklers at less than half the price, but at least as strong…


Can’t see the market for eating shoes being that great, give them three months.


Can’t see them opening a shop in Northampton!


Can’t see anyone opening a shop in Northampton. There is a Foster & Son factory opening this month which is good news


Billy bargain


Did you find it under those floor boards?


No, that’s where the victims are.



Cat man doo will be on those quicker than you can say Fred west