Sold: Micro Seiki MR711

My mate is downsizing/consolodating his kit and asked me to help him sell some of the surplus.

He looks after his kit and I have heard all of it, and it’s all in good order and sounds great.

If you’re interested, pm me and I’ll pass on his contact details

First up:

Micro Seiki MR711

Ex film studio and refurbished throughout. High gloss white and grey powder coated cast aluminium chassis. Believe first DD from Seiki. Keeps speed excellently and sounds pretty damn good. Speed pots work as they should and includes all original accessories. Well maintained and serviced. Lid is ex another deck and doesn’t fit but helps keep it all dust free. I do have original hinges. Includes Funk Firm Achromat

The 10" Seiki MA 202L arm has been completely rewired end to end in Silver Litz by Angus McDonald and the bearings replaced with hybrids. Has on the fly VTA adjustment. Was completely stripped down and rebuilt.

The whole lot weighs around 20Kg

Asking around £600 as very hard to even guesstimate a price on this one as nothing to compare against. Open to sensible offers



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Tempted :thinking:

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Where would collection be from Rob?

Liverpool, or I’m sure an Abbatoir Ambulance could be arranged?


Could you PM me his details please?

You’re worse than Tuff Bob :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


On their way mate.

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Thanks Rob.

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You’re really enjoying that comic strip Tumblr eh Matt? :rofl:


This is down to Stronzetto, my apologies

Well it would appear that I have bought this :smiley: I don’t suppose anyone would be coming from Liverpool in the direction of Worcester? :thinking:


Nice, what do you currently use @J_B ?

I’m currently using a Sony PS 6750 Mike.

Strange, I have been trying to buy this but getting Error Code: 70245 :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have never come across this before, any ideas?

There is a bit of info about it on Google. See if one of them applies to you.

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