Somebody sell me a turntable please



Nick I have a Pioneer PL-112D (similar to the pic) sitting in the loft that I have never used. I bought it a while back with the intention of using it for a mono set up but never got round to it.

The guy I bought it from said the wood was a bit tatty so he covered it in a matt silver vinyl and done a very good job of it. I’ll take some pics of mine and get them posted up.

I was going to offer it on the Toot Bazaar thread but thought I’d give you first dibs. I’ll post it off to you and, if your happy with it, bung some money into the AA fund.

I’ve got an AT CN5625AL cart I can stick on it to get you started.

If you don’t fancy it I’ll stick it up in the Toot Bazaar thread. :+1:


Wow, thank you, that’s a very kind offer! I’ll PM you.

I like the fact that there are 5 people with 3 or 4 (they’re not sure) spare turntables that they’ve been meaning to move on for a while.


I have an original Revolver TT with own arm, just needs a new stylus

Ok, in a surprise wild-card kind of fashion, I appear to be buying a Systemdek IIx from a friend local to me. Inspecting/collecting on Wednesday. I’ve fancied one for ages, and he’s giving me a nice price, so I’m chuffed. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and generous offers :slightly_smiling_face:


Good choice, it’s a fine deck.

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Nice, what arm is on it?
You will need a very solid shelf though, they wobble easily.


Nice TT :+1:

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Nice decks,I have two and I think another one in parts
I still think they are one of the biggest bargains in the 2nd hand tt world

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I actually don’t know what the arm is. The guy who’s selling it doesn’t know any details other than that it’s a good deck. I think he’s either never used it or not used it much, in ages. He bought it with arm, cart, stylus etc, but has no idea what they are. I’ve seen photos and I didn’t recognise the arm, or see a logo on it, but the whole setup looks in nice condition. I’ll find out on Wednesday, I guess. Will report back!


Do you still want the SLQL15, Wayne, and if so shall I bring it to Settle?

Ok, so I can’t find any identifying marks on the arm. The deck seems in really nice condition. The cart on there currently is an AT95e, as far as I can tell. So I’d like to switch that up to something a bit nicer straight away - suggestions welcome, or offers, if anyone has something appropriate that they want to move on. I don’t know much about setting up turntables (read: nothing), so I’ve just plugged it in, and bunged on a record, and it sounds lovely straight off the bat. I’m reasonably certain the VTA will prove to be a bit high, but I’m sure someone can confirm that for me…


Arm is a Rega 250

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Happy to pop over sometime and have a look to make sure it’s all set up ok if it helps


What phono stage are you using? Does it have an MC input?

That’d be great! :+1:

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It’s a Lynwood Equaliser, apparently modded by someone from Origin Live. It is internally switchable to either MM or MC. I don’t have much to compare it to, but it seems pretty decent to me.


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Yeah I’m pretty chuffed! :smiley: