Something else is positive


It’s back - that’s positive :grinning:


Are you really Richard being incognito?


For the benefit of those of us who have no idea what the fuck you are talking about, please explain what the fuck you are talking about.


Naw, I just liked the old positive thread. My old gardening thread will be coming your way…


An old thread that hit the fuckup wall. It had lots of nice things on it. Bit of an anomaly for here I know, but I liked. xxxxx


I should do more gardening. It doesn’t look very good at the moment.


Piles of cat shit are the new must have according to Monty Don.:stuck_out_tongue:


If only she’d shit in the garden.


Your mind garden, on the other hand…


We went to the village bonfire tonight. I didn’t take a photo because ALL bonfires look the same. The village residents turned out in volume. It was very nice to catch up with some we hadn’t seen for a while. We all contributed towards the fireworks. Then witnessed a “nice” community provided fireworks display. It was…nice.

We then went for drinks in the local pub.


That was nice :joy:


I went to the Island hall for the fireworks, bonfire, baked tatties, Guinness and whisky. It was ace!

35 people turned out, which is over half of the population!

Lovely evening, notwithstanding the bitterly cold northerly wind, interspersed with hail…


Ahhh… all my memories of summer in Scotland are coming flooding back…


Was the bonfire made of wicker by any chance?


@pmac was inside, to ensure next year’s harvest

(does sound awesome btw :thumbsup:)


Strange thing was, I couldn’t find Britt Eckland anywhere :confused:


Are you going to put an AV system in the listening room?

You could fit the whole population in there I reckon :smile:


Toasty warm




When I want to start a fire in my house, I generally switch on a valve amp or two.