Something else is positive


Good job you sold your really dangerous stuff to me then, eh? :skull_crossbones:


Nah, those ones are German. You need cheaply made Far Eastern stuff for proper burny fun.




There is some hope


Arrived in Malvern in a rush to find that the car I leave here is deader than disco.

Phoned the AA.

Bloke turns up in 25 minutes, and it’s all fixed in another 30.

You really can’t say fairer than that.


Wait, what? We have customer service now?


Yup. A bearded guy who smelled of bacon turned up. Replaced the HT leads with cryo-treated Nordost and my 10yo Corsa burst back into life.


Was he a magician?



10 years old. 11,000 on the clock. It’s a delicate balancing act.


Apprentice mechanics are getting younger all the time.


This year we did a “reverse” advent calendar. Every day, instead of taking something, we put something in. We added a staple item to a box for 12 days. Most of the village got involved (a total of 24 advent boxes) and all was given to a local food bank. Some to be distributed now and some over Xmas/New Year.

Far more positive than shit like Black Friday or Consumer Tuesday (or whatever).


First frog spawn of the year in the pond yesterday.


What’s wrong with the more normal sock method?


The cold breeze gently tickling his undercarriage


Today has had very little to recommend it, however Her Majesty’s finest Revenue and Customs did mail me to say that they owe me a couple of grand.

Hmm, amplifier​, or coke and hookers?

Cake, or death?


Amplifier has the best WAF of the choices available unless she swings. Question is… Quality or length of ‘holiday?’ The finest Bolivian and Shepherds Market or Mexican shoe scrapings and anything with a hole from Seven Sisters Road?




This doesn’t usually work on a phone …


Saw an otter on my 5.30am dog walk round the reservoir today. :grinning:
My dog, who was 30-40 yards ahead of me suddenly started barking, which she never normally does. I thought maybe someone was there or there was a body floating in the water, but instead when I caught up with her there was a little brown head bobbing up and down in the water. He looked at me for a while and made some funny noises, then went under and was gone.

I knew there had been some living there for a year or so but this is the first time I have seen one in the flesh.


My son has got a job with the NHS at Oswestry Hospital. He’s going to be writing code to analyse the data collected by the NHS.

Edit. At the same time his girlfriend has just qualified as a midwife and has got a full time job in Leeds.

So they will be getting a flat together somewhere near Leeds and he will stay with us during the week.