Something else is positive



Activity data at the Orthopaedic hospital has been a contentious issue - particularly their Patient Treatment List… Wishing him luck!


Second scan day, we’re having a girl! She seems happy to show off her foot.


Great news Matt :baby:


Any names yet?


:+1: Lynne???


Abby Toir


whittling it down a little:








I suggested Courgette to Ms ICHM daughter who has just had her first daughter. Didn’t seem to go down well

As a father of 3 daughters, good luck and start saving now.


I have three daughters and can confirm that you will be in penury for the foreseeable future. This is OK though as it is all fun (with exotic odours and textures as an unexpected bonus).


Budget to build another bathroom quick.




I have A daughter, just about the finest thing in my life. My heart skips a beat pretty much every time I think of her. She can play me like a fiddle and that is just the way I like it. :+1:


Please, dear God, not Reality. Surely even Fantasy would have been better :grimacing:.



I’m sure there is a "wot’r’u’drnk thread but I’m too pissed to find it.

It seems today is World Gin Day.

So I thought it would be rude to refuse. A 43.5% bottle of Old Tom.