Something else is positive

When mobiles started becoming cheaper I got one of the early analogue ones back in 1993, someone had put my number on flyers so I kept getting calls for illegal raves, got so fed up with the abuse that in the end I just gave them all an address for a random farm in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily it stopped after a month or so.

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Should’ve sent them to Bramshill House - lovely Jacobean pile set in 260 acres of very pretty Hampshire. It would then have been the Police Staff College.


The wife has been working solidly since Friday lunchtime on a sev 1 / cat A / “It’s all fucked Dave. Dave, it’s all fucked”.

From the thumbs up she just gave me (she’s basically on a constant Teams meeting) I think she / they might have worked out what the problem is.

Excellent, hopefully you can now get on with your retirement in the peace and quiet (apart from going to gigs obv) that you deserve.

Suspect unauthorised or untested change. Same as most Sev1/Cat A.


“No, of course we didn’t update the firewall/database server/Active Directory tree over the weekend without telling you”


It currently looks like backwash from a major outage with a cloud supplier.

The only sev 1 I’ve seen, where they really did call DR, was a flooded basement that was full of computers.

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Had a few of those sadly. One with two iSDX telephone switches in the flooded basement.

blast from the past, used to work on those from v3.4 through to v7 Realitis

We probably have 2-3 P1 incidents per month, normally silly things but the latest should win a prize…

a lazy developer pointed the official government hostname to their AWS tenant hostname using a cname which then expired because only the company knew about it.


The MiL and her three daughters have a Skype call every Friday at 6.30. This has been going on since the first lockdown.

Every single week MiL is incredibly quiet, her speakers don’t work, etc. etc.

The wife finally bought her a £70 Anker mic / speaker USB puck this week, and her neighbour fitted it yesterday.

They’re on now and IT ACTUALLY WORKS.

No more half an hour of “can you hear us?”, “we can’t hear you”, “no, the volume icon!” etc.


Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord :pray: