Something else is positive


But now I want to know if he got the job!!??
Come on BBC!





My daughter got her GSCEs today: 2A*, 3A, 5B, 1C

Chuffed for her.


She got her mum’s brains eh! :wink:

Congratulations mate, you must be fit to burst!


Since getting rid of Pinochet, the Chilean Government at least seem to be tackling environmental issues in a positive way

I’m not saying that they are now perfect, but they are making progress.


Tired and emotional.


Excellent my daughter got 2 Bs and 6Cs

She has done 4 times better than me and starts college in 10 days


Great stuff Stu. Mine hasn’t fully decided what she’s doing next.

It’s definitely Geography A Level and then perm another 2 from 4.


More heartwarming GCSE news…


Buy your speakers soon, Uni not far away :smiley:


Tell me about it, I have had between 1 and 2 at Uni for the last 9 years. I thought I would be back down to 1, but no, my eldest son is now off to Uni in Sept., so back up to 2 again.


Eldest daughter now has a job over in Helsinki University as a research fellow for a few years after her PhD, she is so excited. Now all she has to do is sell most of her stuff and move over there. She got fed up waiting for the US Universities to get funding. UK universities are mostly a shambles.


Getting geared up for a beach walk with my sis tomorrow morning.

She has been promising to do this for years. Very humbling.


On my way to meet a friend that I haven’t seen for years :+1:


Ok, so it’s not out of danger, but this warms my heart

Magnificent animals