Something else is positive



Tavistock. The place is going to the dogs.


Pretty awesome.


well impressed with spotify customer service , very responsive in sorting out a problem . top marks


It’s not often you get knocked sideways by good news but…

FoL no.1 has been doing Uni interviews the past couple of months and as a result has been getting grade offers off the back of them. All fairly normal.

Last but one weekend ago, she went for an interview at her first choice - Brighton Uni. A few days later an email comes through from them with an unconditional offer to do graphic design if she makes them her first choice.

There’s quite a lot of criticism, a lot of it pretty valid, of unconditional offers but fuck that. :smiley:

Plus I get more excuses to go to Brighton, which I love.


Unconditional is great when it’s their first choice anyway.


Plus, her ‘A’ levels aren’t directly related to what she’s doing anyway. It’s quite heavily weighted to the interview and portfolio that they take along.


Northampton Uni used to be good for Graphic Design.

Tough call, Northampton or Brighton :smile:


Gig list from local indie record store, 99% Brighton venues

43 gigs in the next two weeks, not much time for studying! :grin:


There is a lot of merit in the notion of offering unconditionals to reduce the intense pressure on A-Level exams (especially as not everyone performs well under exam conditions). The main objections I’ve seen seem to be around tying that unconditional offer to making the university your first choice as essentially a level of bribery.


OFS will in all probability ban them, eventually.

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Excellent news, pleased for you all.

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great news , only downside is i guess accommodation is pretty expensive in brighton i guess


Went to Sams parents evening last night, and what can I say, the boy is doing amazing!



Congrats and enjoy the Friday evening Dartford / M25 interface.


What? I thought you were his parents. :slight_smile:


I used Nottingham halls of residence pricing as a benchmark and accommodation pricing was pretty much on par.

The only place she was interested in that we had to rule out totally was Ravensbourne College in London. Hall prices were at least double anywhere else.


Brighton could well be the best city in the country for student life - I’m sure she’ll love it there Mark.