Sorn for Vehicle taxed but no longer insured

I am told today by my insurers that I must SORN Claire’s MR2 because it is no longer insured. I did not realise that SORNING was an insurance requirement

I prefer not to SORN until the end of the month as I will waste 19 days oftax that I will need to buy if I want to use it this month (subject to me reinsuring it). I think I am potentially able to be fined for not SORNING an uninsured vehicle ?.

If I SORN it starting the month will I be safe from potential issues? I did try to get insurance for 18 days best quote £123 so I don’t want that.

If any one is more expert than me on this please give some famous AA advice -Thanks muchly

Sorn from end of month.
Park it off road on private land and don’t use it at all on a road.
If you do and you reinsure then you won’t get done. You will have proof you were covered.
I can’t see any enforcement being reasonable or necessary and then you won’t get into trouble.

They most likely won’t give you that advice if you ask as they don’t want to set ambiguous principle. Easier to stick to the “rules”.

All the databases now coincide so it will no doubt throw up some electronic anomaly. It’s
More to stop people trying to cut corners.

If you want total peace of mind then cash in now. Realistically you won’t use it again!
You will never get a straight answer as I suspect there is little precedent at court for any challenges, so nothing to define potential outcomes.

The continuous insurance rules were introduced a few years ago. Nowadays if it’s not SORNed, it must be insured, many people have been caught out. Parking off road/not using it not a solution - it’s a different offence (keeping uninsured) to actually driving uninsured (which is a far more serious offence), and carries no points, but the DVLA will come after you. A friend got a letter recently for his bike as he hadn’t realised.

I think the fine is about £100, so may be cheaper than insuring it, lol.

Search for more info.

The tax is invalidated as soon as the insurance expired. This is why it needs SORNING. A car that is not insured can not be taxed. DO it and don’t bother trying to use it . That was a very expensive insurance quote for 19 days.

I don’t see why you think you may suddenly want to use it in the next two weeks.
Take the hit! Two weeks tax just in case and worry is not worth two weeks written off tax and no trouble.

Seems there is precedent and that rules are clear !

The reason I may want to use it is simply that I am moving house (theoretically between 17th and 27th) and need to physically move it from the premises. I have just bought a truck and needed to transfer my no claims to that. A one day insurance would help me transfer the car to my new abode legally - It seems silly to have to buy six months tax as well just to drive the car on the road legally for one day.

I thought that timing for getting a new vehicle was good as both the tax and insurance for the MR2 finished at the end of April anyway - As it happened a family member was also looking to sell a ford ranger which I fancied - The tax on that truck runs out at the end of April. So I plan to change the ownership docs then but have the truck insured now.

How much would it cost to get a recovery vehicle to move it?

Last time it cost me £50 for a ten mile recovery of my sons car - but moving it from Oxford to Devon will be a lot more

It’s all about avoiding any cameras on the day then. Not easy on that trip!
Or borrow some trade plates! :smirk:

Seems bizarre you can’t get a solution to a simple problem. So much for making taxing cars easier !

My insurers said - We cannot do a one month insurance - only a one year one.

Get a policy and cancel the next day. Cooling off period.
Not sure if they offer one legally now but I years ago everyone drove on cover notes.

Obvious exaggeration is obvious.

Shop around. You can buy a month’s insurance. I have in the past.

By law, all insurance policies have a minimum 14-day cooling-off period, during which you can cancel the policy for any reason. If you cancel, you should get a refund of any premiums you’ve paid, but the insurer is allowed to charge to cover days when the policy was in force, plus an administration fee.3 Jun 2015

I will try again - My first effort on a comparison site gave ten unable to quote quotes and one £123 for 18 days.
It’s nonsense.

ah recently i have been liasing with the police commissioner for the west midlands on this issue . they can be taxed and moted and uninsured and the police can do nothing . i have spoken to various police officers about this . we have folks who leave their cars here and go off to foreign countries for months . we cannot get anything done as they are taxed and moted . neither can the police .

Never used them, but have a look at this

they claim to offer Car insurance by the hour, day, week or month.

What can and will the DVLA do though? That’s my interest

trying that now cheers

After masses of faff they wanted £86 for 18 days

one idiot recently had sorned his car outside my friends house . it was on the public road and wrecked but because it was sorned illegally dvla removed it . i can`t remember if it was taxed or not , probably not

If they are taxed and MOTed but not insured they are breaking the law. Enforcement is done through DVLA by means of a fine. As far as I know police or local authorities have no powers to remove said vehicles.