SP-10 question

I don’t suppose anybody knows the size of the 3 little bolts that secure the platter to the motor cover thing ?






Is that M Twelvety or Imperial ?

I’ve just looked in the service manual, but it doesn’t give the size, I’m afraid

Do you mean these


Yep, I guess I do. I don’t have any.

Deep joy, unobtanium, I bet :frowning:

LOL, how long you been waiting to use that one :grin:


In that case they’re M3 and I think 12mm long would be ok (that would be from underside of head to end of thread) But you really need the bushes too.

If you can’t find the exact ones, I would just use something like this


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Thank you very much Paul

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If your looking for the exact replacement, I believe the part number is


I assume that includes the bushes

Good luck!

I can’t remember, but presumably they only screw I up to the shoulder, so not actually tightened down onto the platter?

Found this link on an old Audiogon thread.

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I think the shoulder is just for the bush to fit snugly on. I think they do screw down on to the platter

Fair enough, wasn’t sure and can’t remember. Was just thinking if that’s the case, though, why make it so complicated?

I expect the bush is a very good fit in the hole in the platter. It’s probably over engineered, but that’s not really surprising on an SP-10.

Anyway, I like over engineered :grin:

Thanks Paul, look good.

The only issue with those is that you will need to know the exact dia and length of the shoulder.

I’m not sure where mine is :roll_eyes: but if I can find it tomorrow, I’ll measure one.

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If it’s not too much hassle, that would be appreciated.